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It's November and Thanksgiving is upon us, and so is another great edition of your very own one and only Blender of Love Romantic Poetry Community Forum Digest!

October was a good month for poetry and some of the more eye catching pieces are listed here for your reading and enjoyment.... so as always, take it in, and maybe you'll find yourself inspired to love a little better or write something of your own!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"It wouldn't be the first time the power of love was responsible for a whole lot of bullshit."
--Leonard Richardon, "Constellation Games"
front page picks

Artists - Laurel Ahlfeld
Camaraderie gone a bit wrong.

Missing piece - wolfscreamer
Puzzling it out.

Trying - musicalduck
A trying time.

umfortunate timing - callaphair
Ah, the pain and suffering of 'meant to be'

Quote - CryingShame58
Quickfire quote

Lip-smacking Satisfaction - Just L
A History Text - Just L
These two make a nice matched set.

Sorry I'm not perfect - Mr.Du'Doll
Me too - Mrs.Du'Doll
Another nice matched set.

Remedy - Farah / twisted_lie
Just a lovely little work of dealing with two minds.

the one last thing good - i'm just him
Nice way with words.

The meaning of my short little stupid life - Edmundo Daudi
Short, sweet.

what it was - AmandaB
"What it is, what it was, what it might become..."