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May is here and -- Oolala! -- your loyal Blender-Keeper is going to get to live his lifelong dream of being in love on the Eiffel Tower! That's right, moi et ma cherie are heading over to the continent... lucky us!

Another good month for the Blender last month, with a small selection of the works sent in posted here for your reading or re-reading pleasure.

As always, read, share, and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"It is overdoing the thing to die of love."
--French Proverb
front page picks

the worst writer ever - i'm just him
I once had an idea for a story of a worker whose job performance was inverse to his romantic happiness, so his boss would work to sabotage his love life...

Etta James - Star of David
Well-crafted work.

You Must Obey the Corgi! - B.K.
Good to see BK back with a word/photo mix.

What goes wrong - wolfscreamer
Nicely painted scene.

La Drama
A Specific Taste
Two by Just L. You really can't take half measures in romance or alliteration.

White Mornings - RebeccaBeth_88
Slice of life.

Breeze Touch - redshoes
Could use some more setting and sensory details, but a nice start.