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Assembling this front page while enjoying the Super Bowl. Patriots are... uh... not doing so well, as of halftime.

(Can I tell you how soothing it is to have ambivalent feelings about your football team when they're playing a big game? Brady and Belichick are a bit too cozy with the Trump, who in turn was totally crap-tweeting on Atlanta. On the other hand, they are my home team, and they've been pretty good for the past decade and a half...)

Anyway! Our regular stalwarts keep on keeping on, sending in their romantic poetry work and as every month I pick out a selection of the most stirring thing to repost as the front page. And you can be part of this! We're the web's original romance poetry community and we'd like to know what's on your heart.

Read, share, enjoy-

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

"romance, beauty, heartbreak,and hope."
--Just L
front page picks

from "The Space Merchants" - Pohl / Kornbluth
A passage from an old science fiction book - creates certain frames for some relationships of my past.
SPRING - Ria / peregrine falcon
Seasonally thinking.
Untitled - wild moon woman / B.K.
Found on the internet
Her Past Becomes An Anecdote - Just L
Lovely work in the second person.
Passing though - Farah / twisted_lie
Things underway
Gritting - Marshall R. M. Hann / Blessed23
That feel of lossl

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