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2016 was a tough year - and December was a tough month - in particular, the death of Carrie Fisher hit a certain kind of geek really hard. And her loss is felt not just because of her role in some biggest, funnest films in history, but because of her advocacy for mental health.

She was also a terrific writer - I read her final work "The Princess Diarist", going over some of her diaries as a 19 year old having an affair with Harrison Ford (and who can blame her, really...) a few weeks before her death, and am reviewing some of her fine little poetry here.

The Love Blender continues as the first place to bring your romance poetry on the web. We invite you to join our stalwart band of rebels.

As always, read love share and enjoy...

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Haunting by another name is love.
--Erica Jong
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