Heart-on-Sleeve Journal - April 1997

Love Lost
You Don't Care
By Athena Goldthwait.
(A little violent!)
By David Ritchie. Submitted by dritchie@firstnethou.com.
(David, row your boat ashore, Alleluia)
Twenty Minutes
By Ronald Geneblazo, Ronaldo_Geneblazo@PHI-HKMRO.ccgw.nec.co.jp.
(Some very nice imagery in prose)
Love death bed
The promise
I'll find you
By Rachel (Senses) stepra@odyssee.net.
The Bridge.
By Lucy Valoore. A deep person.
February Heartbreak
By Heather Redeker. A few lines on rejection
By Ana. Submitted by . A silly girl!
By Kie dniccum@danville.net. Love Poem for D.E.C Jr.
Heavens Tears are Falling
By Angelheart aka Charlee. Submitted by sheen. A cyber Love story
(Cyberpunks lament.)
Old man Crying
By Joe Hubbard. A lost love poem
Love Found
see me beautiful
By annonymous. Submitted by love queen. a poem about seeing the one you love from the inside as well as out
Romantics(Wasted Days)
By Katie Collins. Submitted by carnage@montego.com. Poet who is a romantic at heart and just loves love, in general.
Do You Love Me?
By Robin Barrow, REB8970@aol.com. A new experience feeling real love
By Anon. How out of touch you feel after a fullfilling, affirming dream
(A simple (in an elegant way) prose piece)
By Kie . Love poem For my true love
By Katie Collins. The joy of having the senses awakened.
Between Friendship and Romance
Untitled  -Kirk Pick-
By mo. Submitted by Passe45. Good stuff!!
(Passe45 is right-- short but really good)
No Regrets (for chc)
By Katherine H.. Submitted by K.atherine H. (slim@mounet.com). A last, and very fond look at the past
It's Never Simple
Live a Little, Die on Lust
By Athena Goldthwait.
(Cool tag line.)
By Jaimis T.. Trust is a chain, you may never know who you can trust.
By mizzoh@hotmail.com. Cupid's arrow strikes a wicked blow
(A really cool play on a classic metaphor.)
hidden feelings
By april prel-prel@webtv.net. regretting something of the past
The Abyss
By Joe Hubbard. My metaphor on Love and life with another
(I wonder if the author realized all the Freudian implications?)
Changing Relationship
By Carey Lane Carey@gowebway.com.
(Title says it all, unfortunately)
'I Will Survive!'
*The Tears-The Hope*
By Brenda. Submitted by brendam@valise.com. Something I wrote after being hurt, and wanting a way to reflect on my thoughts.
By Rachel (Senses) stepra@odyssee.net.
Life's Lonely Roads
By Tygerose. Submitted by tygerose@geocities.com. A collection of poems that says 'I'm not gonna take it anymore!'
By mizzoh@hotmail.com. So...you think you got a handle on this "love" thing?
By Carey Lane Carey@gowebway.com.
Still Life
Can I play your guitar?
By Anon. It's not at the chapel that the cool stuff happens
(A neat slice-of-real-life)
Admiring From Afar
Lost Sleep
By Carey Lane.
Engineered Love (I am an Engineer !)
By Eswar Sivaraman (when afflicted with love - not anymore !). Submitted by Eswar Sivaraman <seswar@okstate.edu>. I wrote this song for my Industrial Engg. Department's (I am a graduate student) secretary, but, NO Luck ! - she felt it would not be appropriate for her to meet with students 'cos she was a staff member; All I ask is, "So ?"
Set You Free
By Amanda Hull. Submitted by Hope Hunter (hopehunter@twlakes.net). A gripping poem if i do say so myself.
(Uhh, Hope? Tragedy doesn't always equal gripping...)
Lonely But Happy
I Died For Love
By Hope Hunter. Death over a true love
Love Taking Away Freedom
That Boy
By Hope Hunter ( hopehunter@twlakes.net). One poem that will catch your eye.
Something Else
The Roses Fell
Bed Time Story
By Athena G..
By Daniel_Ramirez@baylor.edu. Just a solution.
You Are
By Stephanie Nesmith nesm1059@alpha1.fmarion.edu. Junior CISM major
By Savanna R, rajrobinson@fastlink.com.au. Story of a young lover
(Might have been better without the final two lines--)
My life
By Carey Lane Carey@gowebway.com.
By lacy wright wolfcat@evnet.com.

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