Heart-on-Sleeve Journal - June 1997

A good bunch this month, 50 new works. Some very personal letters, some abstract prose pieces, and the usual versed feeling.

I'm thinking about adding new sections to the Journal-- maybe a semi-regular editorial by me, (Kirk Rambles Regarding Romance) as well as a piece that I find by an independent author every month. Let me know if you have an opinion on doing that.

Love Lost
so very kind  -Kirk Pick-
By pg gosby@aol.com. rejection via the postal service
(Kindness Kills...I liked this one very much)
A Mother's Loss
By Nicole L. Fuata nfuata@chaminade.edu. My poem is about a young woman writing to her lost child. She had a micarriage because of her abusive boyfriend. She actually sees it as an abortion done by his hand because she really wanted her child.
Lost Friend
By Felicia e-mail: YENTA500@aol.com. I was at a lose of words for a friend & instead wrote this poem that came to me in my sleep.
(Funny, the best my dreams came up with was a Mountain Dew Slogan: search for secret knowledge / suck it loudly / dew seeks excellence)
in passing
By Kristen Bird; Raleigh_@Bigpond.com. losing my love to the world
Lost Behind You
By Stacey Hurden ccs@copytone.com. Getting over a love that I lost
(Seems more like a 'I Will Survive' to me...)
By Slowdance, slowdance_now@hotmail.com.
Don't Leave
By Slowdance, slowdance_now@hotmail.com.
Always & Forever
By pg gosby@aol.com. searching for an answer
DreamWeaver's Phantom
By Heather. Fantasy Phantom Lover
(Prose, but too abstract to really get a hold of (like some people I know))
By Jonathan Bargiel SKAMPI@JUNO.COM. A poem written when I broke up with my girl
By Carlos Trujillo.
By Chasing a love lost to someone else. Submitted by Tom Saxe. What is this love, this passion?
I do...Not
By Erin Fisher ERIN_FISHER@MSN.COM. Male 30
(A cool, formal piece, but a little forced)
By Steve Davis <SleepyWeasle> rcuq61a@prodigy.com. 18 year old male, finishing work on a novel, love's to love and love's to be loved.
By Erin Fisher erin_fisher@msn.com. Male age 30
(Seems like a weird reference to that religous poem, but it doesn't seem to fit)
Love Found
By Carlos Trujillo. Submitted by Our New URL is: http//uhwww.unm.edu/.
By max e-mail MAXF164 at aol.com.
(A very complete feeling tribute)
The Daisy
By Elisabeth Campbel. A poem that came to me in the night.
(Can people accept love with this balance?)
forever for you
By MIEN LE. Submitted by UNEEK 211.
By Jennifer Dayss JKDyce@aol.com. Impossible love
Like a river...
By Erin Fisher erin_fisher@msn.com. Male age 30
MY Phantom Man
By Heather dreamheather@hotmail.com. message to my soulmate, I call him Phantom, I wait for him.
(Strange. Dreamy.)
A Metaphor
Ode IV
By Josh Newton (ANewton103@aol.com). A poem of love and beauty
It's Never Simple
By Angie Dewberry jdewberr@usit.net. Love isn't a flower
(This poem makes me want to say 'well, duh!')
By J. Morgan How many different forms of love are there, really?
(Some really good details.)
By J. Morgan I've always wondered what store clerks were thinking....
Between Friendship and Romance
By Imel Pangilinan.
(More paradox than irony, but not bad)
Happiness Is...
By Kimberly Jones KIMBO789. What Happiness could bring
A love letter
By Rahul Das. a teenager out of luck
(A very personal thing)
Poem For Amanda
By Bjohnso335. poem from a 17 year old guy to his girlfriend who is on vacation for the month.
(Not the usual take on 'goodbye')
I Want Me Back
By J. Morgan Sometimes it takes all I have just to get out of bed. I want this to change.
Lonely But Happy
Shadow Hunting
By Leanne Towle (towle@ncia.net). White christmas lights and love
(Neat title, but too quick to explain its metaphors)
I miss you
By Bjohnso335. This is a Love letter to my Baby who is New York for a month :.o{
(Another personal letter)
Admiring From Afar
Forbidden Love
By Nicole L. Fuata. A poem about my true feelings for my brother's best friend. My love for him is forbidden because of my family...especially my brother.
One Day At A Time
By J. Morgan This is for you. You know who you are.
(Details really make poems come to life.)
That Girl
By Noah King/ frnkjyce@erols.com. 14 years old from Hammonton, NJ. I have been madly in love with a girl for 4 years
'I Will Survive!'
his tears
By meggan mm1970@hotmail.com. a olden based poem on my best freind
(Tries too hard to rhyme)
A Cry In The Night
By Slowdance, slowdance_now@hotmail.com. Had enough of heartbreak and loneliness, it is time to continue with life.
(Here's hoping)
By Luke Spence-KKlean@anet-dfw.com.
Really, Really Happy
By Leanne Towle. I call my boyfriend Carrot....don't ask me why. Anyway this is my love poem to him.
(i like the name, if a little suspicous of it's origins ;-)
Given to me.
By Luke Spence.
(Nicely rhythmed)
Love taking away Freedom
Redemption of an Ex-Con
By Nulla Damne@aol.com. 15 to life after love
The Missing You
By Mark Friar (TO6RNGR@AOL.com). A poem written after being dumped by my soul mate after 6 years
Something Else
Autumn Leaves
By Erika Diehl erika.diehl@notes.cc.sunysb.edu.
Once Upon a Time
By Sinoun Chao nounis@geocities.com. love as a fairy tale
By scot. Submitted by ssmx1@aol.com. romance?
(An interesting flurry-- sometimes love is in the details, too)
No way
By Holly Chandler. Submitted by sorcress@hotmail.com. longing for someone far away
Are the children innocent?
By Holly Chandler. Submitted by sorcress@hotmail.com. a poem about despicable aloneness
Now And Forever

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