"You should never stand in love's way, especially if love is driving a bus."
-R. M. Weiner
Blender of Love Digest August 2001

One Hot Month

Well, It has been a month since my wedding and married life is wonderfully similar to shacking up.

July was a great month for submissions, and I think we have a stellar batch of "Front Page Picks". An interesting "Featured Artist Review" as well.

So try to avoid the summer heat and enjoy the works here at the Blender of Love...

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Summer Ridge By Galadrial.
Terrific slice of summer life. Man oh man, I wish there were more fireflies around here.
les trebuchet By the guppy.
Nice to see the return of the guppy. His blend of thoughtplay and unforced rhyme is terrific.
For K By Tanqueray Cowboy.
There was a haiku theme for parts of this month. This piece is so good I didn't notice it was a haiku at first.
How you loved me! By egrieco, e_grieco@yahoo.com
A take on 25 years of marriage.
Hidden Meaning By Isabella Svenska.
Translating wee-small-hour-speak into English.
Why he rarely gets 2nd dates
Why he doesn't get 1st dates
Two lines overheard by wistful. Made me laugh.
like red wine By Violet.
Why yes... I do like red wine. I think sensual poetry works best when it has both the passion and reserve found in this one.
Four Days Past Thursday By B. Gaddy.
Submitted by snappychck. A longer piece.
Remember By Ali.
Another haiku. I know the feeling, I've found out that new love and marriage doesn't erase this wish.
Dead Letter Crow By Stephen.
Snapshot of love that isn't what you hope it is.
Old friend, Love again By Stephen.
Fun use of rhyme with more serious content.
i'll get you. By agent90nine.
Girl on a mission.
Second Chances By Smiling Kat.
About the author's brother moving back home... some good advice in general.
Deeper By Raven.
Like coffee, hot and dark. Maybe a little bitter.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
511 heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Featured Artist Review
A brief review of Jerry Stahl's "Perv: A Love Story".
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