"In my limited observations, men have 'That Chick,' but for women,
half the guys they've slept with are 'That Guy.'"--Martin Frankel
Blender of Love Digest November 2001

Chilly Times

It's still scary times but we're getting through them together. In the USA it's a bit dark and chilly but we have faith born of experience that there will be Spring again.

Good month for creative works, lots of concrete imagery and I always like that.

Cool feature this month, a German artist covering a post office in love letters...quit a sight.

Plus, the blender made a million and a half frontpage hits!
Read, love, enjoy,

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Tale of a Jew and one smitten Gentile By Rhetoric.
A very personal story.
Merle By Misti.
I'm always a sucker for a well-turned quote.
Every time By Lorena, Submitted by lunaa.
A study in attention deficit disorder
Cigarettes and Juicy Fruit By Karin.
Wow. Bringing sense-imagery into a poem really makes it work.
An Old Fear Remembered By J. Cyrille, Submitted by Tanqueray Cowboy.
An older piece. (Insert not being in Kansas reference here.)
the heart of get functions By the guppy.
I've wondered if anyone would be struck by the Blender's use of the word "submission" for works sent in.
Till We Meet By B.K..
Knot so bad. Good, in fact.
feathered twilight By Luna, from this journal
A Lovely Fantasia
Deep Fried Chicken By Michael T (no love, pride), Submitted by MichaelT().
The work that went into this one is apparent.
Fireworks and Black Coffee By ~*Truelies*~.
Another good example of how concrete things add so much to a poem.
mixed berry muffins By violet.
The odd thing is, it's the jeans and not the thong that catch the guy side of my brain.
free flying lessons for boys in birkenstocks By Violet.
I like that title.
after breakfast they slipped back into each others arms, and slept By deevaa.
Slice of life.
one, one thousand, two By Madison.
An interesting metaphor.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
486 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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What can an artist do with 20,000 love letters?
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