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CGI 2004 Aug 23
         every day life
in the lift. 2004 Jul 23
Karl 2004 Jul 21
         something someone said today reminded me of Karl.
Cloaked... 2004 Mar 30
         a painting by me: last one... no naked bits.
The Mermaid 2004 Mar 30
         a painting by me: nippage warning
18th century excess 2004 Mar 30
         a painting: 'hint-o-nip' warning
Rachael and Jayden... (and Melissa too.) 2004 Mar 30
         A conversation I had with TK this morning.
Spring 2003 Nov 24
         re-do of painting, started at the begining of spring.
weddings, arcade games and gardenia's 2003 Nov 09
         from today's blog, we went to a medieval themed wedding over the weekend
Mornings like these 2003 Nov 02
         everyday things..
imperfections and a sense of humour 2003 Oct 06
a team 2003 Sep 30
         From today's journal.
quote from "Crescent" (by Diana Abu-Jaber) 2003 Aug 19
         A short quote from a novel I'm reading -- possibly from a Bedouin love poem
The Rules 2003 Aug 18
         *gasp* two in one week, I must be on a spree!
Can you keep a secret 2003 Aug 17
         we, can you?
Spring, 2003 2003 Aug 17
         in honour of spring arriving in Australia:
There 2003 Aug 17
         more... stuff.
On the train 2003 Jul 21
         from my 'random goodness file' ... for my guy who is always randomly good.
Lily 05 2003 Jun 24
         there is romance in the flowers...
Lily 03 2003 Jun 24
journal entry: 09/06/03 2003 Jun 08
         blurb/paintings from tonights journal.
journal entry: 09/06/03 2003 Jun 08
         blurb/paintings from tonights journal.
a bottle of red 2003 May 22
Moving house 2003 May 19
         ... true life, from my journal. More in our internet romance story...
Fridge Art 03 (by Argyle) 2003 Apr 22
         Our Fridge door (maybe not so romantic - Ross did this one!)
Fridge Art 01 2003 Apr 22
         Our Fridge door.
Three Koru 2003 Apr 15
         (the 'meaning' of Three)
Three 2003 Apr 15
         (three koru) -- a practice piece
Janet 2003 Apr 06
         Painting of NZ author Janet Frame for a competition
Silver 2003 Mar 29
         My latest painting, number 3 in the gold/silver leaf series
in the spirit of silence 2003 Mar 26
         words! average joe words
Smirk 2003 Mar 16
         another gold-leaf
Poppy 2003 Mar 13
Emerge 2003 Mar 04
         no naked bits. Promise. :-D
Untitled face 2003 Feb 27
         A little piece for practice while I've got artist's block.
What's for dinner? 2003 Feb 13
         New painting -- no naked bits. (gasp)
Untitled Cleavage 2003 Jan 27
         My latest painting, one nipple rating.
Chapter Twenty-One of Watermelon (by Marian Keyes) 2003 Jan 23
         From a book I've just finished reading, on dating.
The 2002 Mayfly project 2003 Jan 06
         The Mayfly project asks you to sum up your 2002 with only 20 words.
who needs poetry? 2002 Dec 26
         its been a while since I wrote... :-D here's why.
The gift that keeps on giving. 2002 Dec 17
         a digital image that I made as part of a 'Secret Santa'
Womanscape 01 (Serenity) 2002 Dec 05
         repost of a painting, slightly re-worked.
Landscape 01 2002 Dec 01
         and not a naked chick in sight...... *cough*
Picnic? 2002 Nov 28
         nudity warning as as always, my 3rd painting for the month.
Portrait of an Artist/Lover/Woman/Mother 2002 Nov 23
         Portraits taken by my partner, Argyle.
The Mango Goddess 2002 Nov 23
         forget the first posting of this, I got a much better photo of it! (warning nudity)
The Mango Goddess 2002 Nov 18
         naked nipples but no (public) pubic hair. *smirk* Close your eyes Stephen.
Peaceful Buddha 2002 Nov 07
         I left the nipples off so that Stephen wouldn't call it porn. ;-)
Grace 2002 Nov 04
         My latest painting: warning full frontal nudity.
Love takes you home (by Julie Capaldo) 2002 Oct 21
         woman, beauty and art...
White poppy 2002 Oct 19
         today's blog from xanga.
October, 2002 Untitled (pink dress) 2002 Oct 16
         my latest painting
Allure 2002 Sep 26
         just being silly...(bored at work)
Glowing 2002 Sep 26
         a work inspired by my 2nd go at painting TJ -- feel free to use the painting as a bump :-D
Savannah Haze 2002 Aug 06
         another blender portrait ...
TJ - a portrait. 2002 Aug 04
         Based on the photo TJ posted on the comments board.
geisha 01 2002 Aug 03
         1 of a series of 3
Waterlily 2002 Aug 01
         my most recent painting, I guess flowers are romantic...
Confessions of a plus size model 2002 Jul 24
         Warning: Naked art (yes - again) feedback, comments welcome.
Coming? 2002 Jul 18
         more naked-ness - a really bad photo, sorry about that. feedback welcomed.
flying at night 2002 Jul 17
         warning - nudity. My most recently completed painting
merge 2002 Jul 11
         for the cover of my best friend's invites...
Coming? 2002 Jul 09
         Since Kirk picked an earlier version of this I thought I'd post the rework - what does she say to you?
He loves me (by Jill Scott) 2002 Jul 09
         "You got me feeling like the breeze, easy and free and lovely and new " ... love that.
journal entry: 6 July, 2002 2002 Jul 07
Young love. 2002 Jul 03
June 2002 Jun 24
         55 more words
the routine 2002 Jun 23
         a 55 word slice of real life
Untitled 2002 Jun 23
         my go at the 55 word challenge, Does it need to be exactly 55 words or can it be less?
Coming? 2002 Jun 18
         After my lesson from Christian Schad: What do you see in her eye - fuel for a bump.
the dancer 2002 Jun 13
         I sold this to fund my first exhibition, I know it was given away - and wondered if it could start some interesting bumps.
of zen, silence and loving 2002 Jun 09
conversation with a 4 1/2 yr old, part 3 2002 Jun 07
picking the right girl. 2002 Jun 03
         a converstion in the car with TK (4 1/2)... Kinder is similar to childcare.
Untitled, May 2002 2002 May 28
         a painting i didn't think was working, so i threw myself at it... does it work? I'll
Clashing, Crashing... 2002 May 21
         created from nervous energy.
Experimental ink 02 2002 May 09
         and another (naked bits, be warned)
experimental ink 2002 May 08
         but is it art?
Golden Roses 2002 May 04
         Madi asked for one of my older works to write too...
woodnymph 2002 Apr 25
         my most recent painting, finished yesterday.
walking home 2002 Mar 28
         a poem with no ending... i'll come up with one at some stage!
Just an ordinary day 2002 Mar 08
         day to day life...
this love 2002 Mar 08
angel (by TK) 2002 Mar 03
         more from TK
hearts (a series) (by TK) 2002 Mar 03
         A series of hearts painted by my 4yr old son, without my help.
9 hearts 2002 Feb 21
         a touch of cliché? (zip artistic merit)
blue 04 2002 Feb 18
blue 03 2002 Feb 18
         from the blue series ... (these are all postcard sized)
In a blue mood 2002 Feb 18
         Part of a watercolour challenge, the theme was 'in a blue mood' and the challenge was to use only one shade.
funny wonky flower 2002 Feb 14
         and finally a funny wonky flower with no artistic merit to make you smile on valentines...
Many Faces 03 2002 Feb 14
         my favourite, last one tonight.
Many Faces 05 2002 Feb 14
         and another
Many Faces 04 2002 Feb 14
         and another
Many Faces 01 2002 Feb 14
         inspired by 'Memoirs of a Geisha' which I have just finished reading.
a slice of lime (by deevaa) 2002 Feb 07
         from my journal, love isn't always sweet
So intense 2002 Jan 27
         slight re-write....
I want him to come in the summer time 2002 Jan 09
         I wrote almost exactly a year ago.. slightly re-writen now.
15min Challenge 2001 Nov 27
         you have 15mins to write something inspired by this image... 1. 2. 3. Go!
early morning memories of a waterfall. 2001 Nov 18
         I had to fix the fluff, and I made a couple of edits...
early morning memories of a waterfall. 2001 Nov 18
         based in fact.... although the word robot threw me for a loop, I can't think of any other way to include it!! (Misti's challenge)
dove 2001 Nov 13
         tattoo design
Love in the City 2001 Nov 13
         More graphic work, for a poetry book cover - text would be added to the bottom left.
you left in a fit of anger... but 2001 Nov 10
         my go at the writer's challenge... my BAD go...
24 October, 2001 2001 Oct 27
         Our last evening together for 3mths...
after breakfast they slipped back into each others arms, and slept 2001 Oct 27
lets start wrapping 2001 Oct 17
         my guy didn't like the ending, so I've changed it...
Flow 2001 Oct 05
         a painting... no naked bits.
Dive 2001 Oct 03
         The last painting I did before....... bare breasts, so if you shouldn't be looking, don't.
cause and effect 2001 Sep 29
         repost, because I thought the notes were important enough...
blah blah blah 2001 Sep 29
strangely at peace 2001 Sep 28
skin starved 2001 Sep 23
         Just 28 more days....
Forget me not 2001 Sep 19
         in memorial 11 Sept 2001
erotic art 2001 Sep 08
         sorry, a few edits.... when the artist becomes the art....
time for us. 2001 Sep 05
         for him
fat on spring smugness 2001 Sep 02
directions. 2001 Aug 29
         taken from my journal...
She said, He said. (a link) 2001 Aug 28
         a take on married life -- only funnier.
Twist 2001 Aug 28
         aka 'melancholy mermaid' ... I was looking for instant gratification because the big painting' Thankyou, Mr Gauguin' is taking too long.
Thankyou Mr Gaugain 2001 Aug 22
         my entry to Gala's challange... please understand that 1. I have writers block. 2. it isn't finished. and 3. it is winter where I am at.
for him. 2001 Aug 17
Untitled August, 2001 2001 Aug 16
         my most recent painting
16 August, 2001 2001 Aug 15
         more from my journal.
Pink Gloves 2001 Aug 15
         a small painting, beware ... nudity.
Lusciously yours, on your birthday. 2001 Aug 14
         a birthday poem
May I? 2001 Aug 11
The illustrated story of us 2001 Aug 10
         blog dated July 11, 2001
Warring words. 2001 Aug 06
         July 07, 2001
time to heal 2001 Aug 05
         we all need time....
giving up 2001 Aug 05
         we broke up
31 July 2001 2001 Jul 30
         My journal entry wrapping up my trip to Melbourne and my lover....
a picture postcard from Melbourne 2001 Jul 24
17 July 2001 2001 Jul 16
         the countdown is still on...
16 July 2001 2001 Jul 15
         the tension is getting ugly.
15 July 2001 2001 Jul 14
         still on the count down.... I plan to post each days thoughts, an insight into getting ready to see my lover again, I guess..
14 July 2001 2001 Jul 14
         from my journal... the remains of an old love.
getting ready 2001 Jul 01
         these watercolour works are just practice drawings.. not really meant to be shared.
come here 2001 Jul 01
         a watercolour.... warning... bare breasts.
ahhhh - finally I sold a painting! (27 June 2001) 2001 Jun 26
         another journal entry
25 June 2001 2001 Jun 24
         today's blog.
and the night comes 2001 Jun 15
a rainy day night 2001 Jun 11
         daydreaming over my coffee
devoured 2001 Jun 11
         a re-work
lipgloss 2001 Jun 11
         ok, I'll go buy some now....
08 June 2001 2001 Jun 07
         from my journal... the perfect birthday
the sister 2001 May 27
abandoned 2001 May 27
         a bit scared about writing again, hope it doesn't jinx what I'm doing with the brush...
Head Scarf 2001 May 21
         last nights effort at a different style...
Allure 2001 May 20
         this one feels good to me...
'the bump' 2001 May 15
         this is the working drawing for a painting I plan to do over the weekend.... let the bumping begin!
Reach for the sky 2001 May 14
         oilstick on canvas
as yet untitled 2001 May 03
         Hope I don't get in trouble here, this is a commission. Painted last night, sold this morning!
The wind whispers and the moon listens 2001 May 02
         romance related art....
Sunday, April 29, 2001 - skin starved 2001 May 01
         I'm still not really ready to be back posting -- I'm just moving this so it has a home
if... 2001 Apr 29
         a slight re-write to the previously posted work
Sunday, April 29, 2001 - skin starved 2001 Apr 29
         web log entry

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