"Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so."
--David Grayson
Blender of Love Digest April 2002

Springing Eternal

April's here.

The Blender's late. The Blender Board is tumultuous. The Front Page Picks are great.

So what's new?

A kind of mixed ramble/review by Gala this month, on Rodin's Eternal Springtime...not his most famous work, but easily among his best.

Read and Enjoy!

Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
squoozy wuv... By jackryhme.
Jackrhyme has come up with a challenge for the menfolk. I'm still working up the guts...and trying to figure out if I need to memorize it, or what.
Just Once By Vishal.
Small piece of wishing.
rocks of reason By shushlove.
Written in 1998. I'm not even sure what it all means, but sometimes that's a good thing.
Oh Moon! By B.K..
When I was a kid in the back of the station wagon I managed to freak myself out thinking the moon was following me...
I Spring-Loved You By Dylan.
"A love poem in the style of Dylan Thomas".
love me By angieubaldo.
Confusing times.
I Can't Be Closer By Gudkarma.
Piece in two media, good stuff.
Some Things Have No Titel By HoosierDaddy.
HoosierDaddy...was quite the character last month. Read the Blender Board archives more details. But this work was good, uses some details in a nice way.
Dear Trevor, By Sil.
An unsent letter (she doesn't have the address.) School times.
Wake up call By Jon.
Sometimes Jon's works seem a little too...something, but this one strikes the right tone.
A quote By David Grayson.
This month's top of the board quote, submitted by Jon.
hearts (a series) By TK, Submitted by deevaa.
TK is deevaa's 4 year old son, and painted these unassisted. I really like the curlicues.
??? By musicalduck.
Musicalduck says "i know this is weird, but mini-golfing has a place in my heart, i'd have to tell the whole story for you to understand it" but the thing is...yeah, I know there is something about mini-golf and romance. It's a great date.
All These Ouches
Post Dream Dialogue
Two by Misti. The end of the Dialogue is thought provoking.
his morning angel
Two by Violet, who is working out quite the eye for detail.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
514 remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Gala on Rodin's Eternal Springtime...
Blender Board: March / Last 3 Days
Conversation and Comments

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What it's all about.
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