"It's a cold bowl of chili, when love don't work out."
--QOTD at slashdot.org

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < december 2003 >
Here in the Northeast United States, winter is most definately upon us. But between trips outside to prevent our cars from being forever entombed in ice and snow, we've managed to put yet another issue of the Blender of Love Digest...

A terrific feature this month... For a class in design layout, Marissa Saradpon has created an illustrated version of Yee & Lan, a story I made up many years ago. The end result is pretty terrific.

So, as always, read and enjoy, and get yourself out of the cold,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

from "Things My Mother Never Told Me" - Blake Morrison
A lovely passage on the impossibility of charting the details of a romance.

Kiss - Meredith
Delicate small work.

Let's cry tonight
Lovers Lost
Two by darwin. The first is about when it's Ok to cry, the second involves some of the pleasures of the flesh. And tanktops.

Self Made - Melissa Noseworthy / Lil Lost Pixie
Very strong opening to this work...though maybe I'm just a sucker for any reference to sunburns...

Until I Do - Ali
The phrase that opens and closes this work is...deeper than it sounds, maybe? Actually an interesting footnote in the study of how our brains hold our consciousness...

Pondering Future Self - jwb71913
A meditation on the person the author might become.

(From) Still Life With Woodpecker - Tom Robbins
Submitted by Poo Poo Kitty Farts. Some good advice.

Deuce - coujeaux
Coujeaux has one of the most distinctive styles here at the Blender, at a glance you can recognize the long lines...it almost reads like prose, but tends to end with nicely unforeced rhymes.

BOOM! BOOM! - Maggie Mink aka RennieLorca.
Love as subwoofer.

I love you most in October - Star of David
I'm glad it works out well for Star of David, but October's always been the month of heartbreak for me.

Pisces Dream - Misti
Finding Jesus at a local bar.

Yee & Lan: A Romance
A story by Kirk, illustrated by Marissa Saradpon

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233 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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