"There are two ways to handle women. And I know neither."

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < january 2004 >
Heartbreak seems to be this month's recurring theme...perhaps the New Year is the time to sweep the cluttered pieces of old romances out the door and start remaking our new lives.

In fact, this month's Blender Feature carries that theme, a review of the website The Lost Love Project.

Over all last month was a good month for writers here on the Blender. Read on for some very worthwhile stuff, you'll be glad you did.

Read and enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

happiest - Kirk
An immodest front page pick, the first longish poem the Blender-Keeper has written in a long while. About the way certain moments will linger even after everything else has passed.

one night stand - darwin
I knew this was likely to be a pick after the first six words...even before I looked and saw that the author mentioned it was inspired by "happiest". (as well as describing it as "slightly R rated")

Clenched Eye - j. knipp
A work invoking dark cosmic forces that winds to a terrific conclusion.

Missing - Irongirl
The second work sent to the Blender by Irongirl, second prose piece, second front page pick...great stuff, full of just the right amount of detail.

=* - e.e.cummings
Submitted by sarahsehee, a few of cummings' most famous lines. (Though there is some debate about whether his name should use conventional capitalization or not.)

One More Day
Two by Corinna, both give a wonderful sense of longing and urgency.

The Pen - Laurel Ahlfeld
Life as an expensive pen. (I've always been fond of a cheap Pilot myself)

Coffee - Burgy
Talking over the universe at Denny's. (A friend of mine believes that the man who invented "Moons Over My-Hammy" is a genius.)

Trees - Tanqueray Cowboy
To be fair, Tanq's reputation proceeds him when I look to find the best stuff on the Blender and he rarely disappoints.

Forgiveness Is - Ali
A well-constructed poem with its own bumpy rhythm.

Haze - Angieubaldo
This poem deserves a more thoughtful comment than "it reminded me of the old Ray Stevens' line 'drunk on love / and anything else we could find'") but there it is anyway.

Just One More Time - Star of David
Another tale of loss and loneliness.

earl grey - Violet
A steamy, sensual poem, in more ways than one.

GO LIVE AND LOVE - RennieLorca
A great and spirited closer followup to some of these songs of despair, advice on picking up and moving on.

Blender Website Review
A look at "The Lost Love Project"

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