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Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to this month's edition of the Blender of Love digest!

The snow was quite crazy last month... were up to, what, SNOWPOCALYPSE SIX- or was it seven? But still many Blender writers managed to find a kind of warmth and put it into words, and a selection of the most striking graces our page for this Valentine's month.

Hope you have someone to share this loving and snowy time with!

Read and enjoy! We're a community of writers and readers and lovers and invite you to come along!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"If a man understands one woman he should let it go at that."
--"Eye-Opener Bob" Edwards
front page picks

words from a lover's heart - i'm just him
Good meditation on Love.

60 seconds - Crystal
Gone in 60 seconds?

Toxic Muse - Briana Kassia
Winding, pained work.

Random Thoughts 27 - vishal
A little corny, but nice and noir.

Stunning - Just L

Lost - Cire Nehtrow
"Swivel those hips" is a nice turn of phrase.

Less Than - Jane Rain
Eyebrow scrunching is a nice detail.

Continental Continuity - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
"She's already gone to Australia." was the original comment, nice piece.

Yin Yang - RebeccaBeth_88
I'll bet you she doesn't put half and half in her coffee.

Use Somebody - Jane Doe
Kind of a mysterious tone in this one.

New Year's Fisherman - ItsDanGuy
Question for the fisherman.

one brain cell - Edmundo Daudi
Neurological references get me every time.

On This Morning... - ron_becker
Jumble of worklife.