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Ah November. October is mercifully past; the end of the political mess is nigh, Thanksgiving and more Holidays wait.

Another fine month of submissions last month, with a selection here for your reading (or re-reading) enjoyment.

The Blender of Love continues its mission as the Web's oldest community for romantic poetry, so as always, read, write, and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"And if I loved you Wednesday, / Well, what is that to you? / I do not love you Thursday - / So much is true.
--Edna St Vincent Millay
front page picks

is there anyone out there - i'm just him
Been a while since we've heard from ijh -- good to see him back
words - heartSong
"and you're the one not saying them"
Again - Ravenheart
It's Monday in America.
These Boots Are Made For Walking - B.K.
A classic, and a nice countrified remake
Two by HaremGirl Simple rhythm and rhyme
A walk in the park - seck
Wondering if it can be so easy.
Sacrifice - Cire Nehtrow
About the fear.
The Most Romantic Photographs - BuzzFeedVideo
A lovely montage of photos, though I'm troubled now that I know the story of the one it leads with...
Poem - Hafiz / B.K.
Lovely Persian poem
A Flower Grows - Pleasantly Anonymous / Trail Runner
New voice.
i miss thunderstorms. - thoughtthefever / Jane Doe
Rural slice of love.
Untitled - musicalduck
A study in understatement.
wrist watch
no regrets III
Two by Star of David - always a lovely command of shorter forms.
backfire - lovesick
Waiting for that second chance.