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tattoo by MercuryDemosthenes
Spring may have at long last sprung, and while it's still cold out there signs of new life are all around us.

March was another fine month here at the Blender of Love... a good selection of short works were sent in, and a selection has been made here for your review.

The Love Blender is the web's first community-based love poetry site, and welcome your writing and your reading, so as always, read, share, love, and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"I have never loved anyone for love's sake, except, perhaps, Josephine--a little."
front page picks

Carven heart of the plutonic companion - stephen
I just like the phrase "fangless ramble"
Slipped My Mind - Just L
Losing it, in a good way.
When and Where - Jane Rain
A tale of waiting.
lights out
Two by Star of David It's usually bad news when the math enters into love.
My Miasma - Ravenheart
I had to look up 'miasma' but this is a solid (or maybe sublimated) little work.
You Are My Everything - Pleasantly Anonymous / trailrunner
New voice, could almost be a 60s love song.
One of Those Kind of Days - CryingShame58
Meandering little prose piece.
My Love - seck
Tiny words.
Silence of the heart - Farah / twisted_lie
A terrific little physical metaphor.
You. - C.M.
Let There Be Fricking Light! - B.K.
An energetic but frustrated piece (bump to CM's "You")
HaremGirl's first attempt at poetry, from 9th grade... I liked it.
Alone on an island - Chayil
Not just for New Yorker cartoons anymore.
Goodbyes - peregrine falcon
A simple message.
Late Night TV - pjrotmm
Odd slice of life.
Longing - musicalduck
More wanting.