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Frame by Bart Cusick for our iPad game Heartchers
Superbowl vs Valentine's Day... fight!

Welcome to another Valentine's Edition of the Blender of Love!

January was another fine month for new works, and a selection of the most striking are presented here for your review.

The Love Blender is the web's oldest romance poetry community, and everyone is invited to read, write, share, and enjoy!

Humbly as always, I remain,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"Falling in love is just that - falling. Sometimes you merely trip and stub your toe. Sometimes you fall to your hands and knees. And sometimes you smack your head against the pavement and die."
--Anon (?)
front page picks

Your Vessel - pjrotmm
A very sensual study on the potter's wheel.
Winter is Over - EMA / Just L
A sweet little note from Just L's husband.
I'm all in - i'm just him
Gambling on romance.
Words With You - Galadrial
Scrabbling for love.
Epiphany - B.K.
A lovely bit of word art.
Stand up - Farah / twisted_lie
Not the fairy tale ending.
Story of My Life - musicalduck
This happens.
blame the shoes
25 reasons why I left
Two by Star of David - a melancholy tableau, and the 25 whys to leave your lover.
I will forget you - Ravenheart
I like the physical imagery here.