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Welcome to the Blender of Love!

It's the month for Valentine's Day! Hope you are able to spend it with someone you love! In which case, why not write them a poem and post a copy here? Or if you're alone, write a poem about being all grumpy and sad! And post it here!

The Love Blender is the web's first forum for posting your romantic work, and we are a loyal and stalwart band of lovers, readers, and writers... often all in the same person!

A sampling of last month's finest entries is presented here for your review... so as always, read, write, love and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

"You are what you love, not what loves you."
--Donald Kaufmann in "Adaption"
front page picks

Where’s Your Bic? - Just L
Sexy little beast of a piece!
Icy Waters - Lee Hollinghead
A new voice here on the Blender...
Two by Star of David, who always writes such stirring stuff.
Enough - Bob Perks / Jane Doe
Some nice thoughts
Quote from an old Love Letter - me / B.K.
What is this romance, an Indiana Jones movie?
Untitled Quote - Unknown / KindredSpirit

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