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from the Cloud Appreciation Society
Welcome to the June 2017 Blender of Love digest!

This month's image is from the Cloud Appreciation Society. Clouds really are amazing - if they only showed up on one place on Earth, say, and it was blue skies everywhere else, could you imagine how much people would pay to travel and see them? I think a lot of life is like that.

Anyway, here are selections sent into the Blender of Love, the web's original romance poetry community. You can add your voice to ours too, and let the world know what's on your heart...

As always, read, write, love, share, and enjoy...

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

The best aphrodisiacs are words.
--Isabel Allende
front page picks

from Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
On the soulmate's purpose, it may not be what you think.
She Breeze - B.K.
A poem on the duh of these times, and the longer version of this month's quote.
Home Sweet Home
Three by Jane Rain, all very sweetly crafted.
Random Thoughts 29 - vishal
Kinda dark little thought

also this month

Heart on Sleeve Corner
7 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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