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This is the Heart-on-Sleeve corner. Everyone is welcome to send in poems related to romance. Ones that really appeal to the Blender-Keeper will end up in the next month's front page of the Blender Digest. Others that capture the romantic spirit become a permanent part of Heart-on-Sleeve corner.
Admiring From Afar
By Donna A.. Temptation
By lynn t. just a thought
A little too late
By Michelle e-mail: buffy@huron.net. Dedicated to the man who's parting words to me were "Keep smiling!"
Virtuous Warrior
By Angelis. Submitted by . Loving someone who just might love you back - it's too early to tell, and he is just too good for words
Eponine Loves Marius
By Angelis. Submitted by . To the same boy as before - from the girl who loves him in spite of herself.
By z. Submitted by j. something written for my lover far away
Just Plain Admiring
By z. Submitted by j. a short work sent to me from my beloved...
A Metaphor
Nature Of Passion
By K.Rozzetti <Rozzetti@hotmail.com. I began writing in Jan of 97. No experience in the field of writing.
By K.Rozzetti <Rozzetti@hotmail.com. Prose from my collection
Future's Truth
By Kaye Cunningham. just thoughts
By Suzi. Submitted by double@epix.net.
It's Never Simple
Last Goodbye
By unknown. Submitted by Leslie Smith lnewkirk@kih.net.
Why not love?
By Jaime Nave (BFF101@aol.com). Loving someone who doesn't know
Broken Glass
By Market. this is to my Lil Sis.... luvers ya, Dami... :)
A road to choose
By Stacia_@hotmail.com. Choosing between reality and fantasy
Between Friendship and Romance
Will It Ever Be Love?
By Leslie Smith lnewkirk@kih.net. female 13
Will it ever be
By Leslie Smith . Submitted by Leslie Smith lnewkirk@kih.net. I am a 13 yearold female and have written many love poems, this one happens to be one of my favorites.
The Encounter
By Ted Solinko lordwish@aol.com. This story of a chance meeting
Death at the carnaval.
By Me...Frogman.... Submitted by Frogman. This is dedicated to the one i have fallen in love with...not like she will read it...
Help Me Understand
By Lara cfreimond@bc.sympatico.ca. Wanting to help a friend to whom life has not been kind
Love Lost
The love we shared
By Nicole Alvarez. 17 years old.student.poem about lost love
Let Me
By Anonymous. Submitted by baskat@mindgate.com.ph.
He said, she said
By Erin Fisher erin_fisher@msn.com.
A journey of soul
By Steve Conners DesertTear@aol.com. Thoughts from the inside
By pg gosby@aol.com. when emotions and reality collide
One Love
By Frogman. A love poem. or lost love..not sure
I Remember
By Kev (kev@tnw.org). thought I had it this time
Circus Love
By unknown. Submitted by Frogman. A MUST READ!!!! TRULY ROTFLMAO
Missing You
By Jessica Gregory arc39@epix.net. A 14 yr. old girls first love since kindergarden lost...
Love Found
Engineer's Valentine
By (unkown). Submitted by Michael Lu. How a nerdy engineer showes his love.
His words
By Kaye Cunningham.
He is my Answer
By Jacqueline M. Phillips SilverKi55@aol.com. You know what? Friends can fall in love too! I should know; it happen to me.
Dreaming Of the Day
By Market (Market25@usa.net). I'm Market... Obsidian is my passion... my reason to write... to live... my love...
Rocks In My Head
By Market (market25@usa.net). I'm Market... for my princess... :)
By Market. I'm Market... :) This is for "the one"... she knows who she is... :)(:
Close Your Eyes
By K.Rozzetti <Rozzetti@hotmail.com>. Prose of K.Rozzetti collection
By Michael Lindsey lindsey@negia.net. A pause in a new love
The Nearness Of You
By Cholly Y.C.. Hopeless Romantic Asian Lady
A Princess Undone
By Jacinda (a.k.a. Angelis). He loves me back - now what?
'I Will Survive!'
And you ask....Are you ok?
By Kaye Cunningham.
By Annette. Submitted by pockets@key-net.net.
Other Factors Interfere
Strings of Me
By Stacia (stacia_@hotmail.com).
Two Weeks to Go
By Kaye Cunningham. A prose...of a time stopped
By A Pennsylvania women. Submitted by .
Love Is Hurting Me
By Jaime . How love can be confusing
Why Not Love?
By Jaime Nave (BFF101@aol.com). Loving someone who cannot tell
I Thought
By Lara cfreimond@bc.sympatico.ca. Why do the best guys always go out with the worst girls?
Really, Really happy
A Yahoo Thank you
By Kaye Cunningham. a simple thank you for such a great reward..friends
By Cholly Y.C.. Me and my ideas!
A Voice
By Katie. A beautiful experience i will cherish forever
Still Life
hang on a second...STOP!
By Tresna-Lee trezna@hotmail.com. why do we sometimes feel like we loose everything at once?
Live For Today
Counselors in the Trees
By Kaye Cunningham. listening to nature singing to my heart
Hope has a place in the lovers heart
By Kaye Cunningham. the longing of love
Love on the Net
By Killaschandra. just another cyberlover
By Kie dniccum@danville.net. A poem for my only true love Don E. Crews Jr.
By Kaye Cunningham. a prose about the chat
No One
By Joe McNabb (joemmac@aol.com). a poem of wishful thinking
Just Another Person
By Lara cfreimond@bc.sympatico.ca. Realising how meaningless i am to some people
Love Taking Away Freedom
The Girl
By Jaime Nave (BFF101@aol.com). a girls diary of an abusive relationship
Something Else
Standing in Darkness
By Bill klees Divide@iw.edwpub.com. Love poem to my girlfriend.
Movies of my Mind
By Kaye Cunningham.
Friend Hall of Fame
By Kaye Cunningham.
"ODE" to Cher
By Mark Friar (TO6RNGR@AOL.com. Second installment, was to be my second proposal to her, now she's gone forever
By Missy. Submitted by . Just a guy I really love.
By Market (Market25@usa.net). I'm Market.... :)
Sinister Romancer
By gabri. Submitted by gabri, cadenza@novanet.net.au. This game we play...
World of Aluna
By Kaye Cunningham. thoughts of the net
By . Submitted by j. something written for my lover far away
If I
By Bonehead99. A poem written while getting the runaround.......confusion wrote this
my words
By trac 4. a reply to a lover far from me

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