I hope true love is not like waiting for the bus: Waiting and watching
and hoping it hasn't already come and gone... --erin
Blender of Love Digest December 2001

End of the Year

2002 is almost upon us...the first Palindrome year since 1991, and the last until 2112. There might be some cosmic significance to that but it currently escapes me.

It was 70 degrees in Boston. Yeah, we may have broken the planet, but I guess that grey cloud may have a silver lining here and there.

Some good works are featured this month, and a guest review by deevaa. I hope you enjoy it all.

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
A Song With a Catchy Chorus
The Letter She Wanted to Send
Two by Misti. She finds a really good balance of details against generalities.
Congruently By erin.
A journal entry. Really does a good job of expressing a mood.
The Blender and It's People By TJ Holland.
The Blender as the creation of an Old Testament kind of God. Silly, but fun.
Night Sky
Two by sweetness. Tales from when the wounds are still fresh.
20 Gold Buttons and A Big Blue Moon By B.K..
Fun to read out loud.
Wolf Whistled and Wondering By ~*Truelies*~.
A little work that belies its off the cuff origin.
...more than... By Du'Doll.
The Fingernail Moon By Hedvig.
Thoughtful piece. I like its title.
Lamp-post Lighting By Bob/BlueDenim.
Yet another piece invoking the moon.
Goodnight My Someone By HiPPiEcHiC.
a quote from Ally Mcbeal.
Secrets By Max-Rom.
The need for validation.
mixed media
andalusian dancing
Two by Madison. Very evocative.
Grasp to what will to Keep By Stephen.
A good rhythm, and a great close.
Chemistry 101 By Jubal / Jubal29717.
Reminds me of the line from Guys and Dolls. "Chemistry? Yeah, Chemistry."
wonder By dev0n.
Something about the idea of watching the same movie again and again as video wallpaper has caught my imagination...
Heart on Sleeve Corner
501 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Featured Artist Review
Deevaa reviews 'Bullshit or Fertilizer', a book to kick you in the pants about getting back to your art.
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