"I do" --Kirk, Mo
Blender of Love Digest 2001 July


Hey, I'm married! Read about the I-Love-Lucy-madcap antics here!

Is it just the stars in my eyes or were the works sent in this month especially good? And I'm not just talking about the ones that were so clearly wellwishes for Mo and me...

Anyway, I need to run, my honeymoon awaits!

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

PS While I'm away, my kisrael.com personal site is on autopilot... some really great works that I've run into over the years...

Front Page Picks
The World's Most Cliche Love Letter By Various, including firefrost.
Actually, one of the most original works submitted last month.
Blink By TJ Holland.
Fun little ditty. I think it makes a good point as well.
Conversation By Donald Hall, Submitted by Kirk.
Tells a story, has a heart, brings some details but not too many.
Malevolence By SherrieP.
Story of a hidden romance.
Shoebox of memories By ~*truelies*~.
Remnants of a relationship, found in a shoebox.
??? By Akash, Submitted by Akash.
I'm not positive I know what it's saying but it says it so well.
The whirlwind By wistful.
Something Tells Me By wistful.
Another detailed piece about the start of a relationship.
You Put Zen Under My Skin By Wild~Flower.
Reminds me of a soap commercial for some reason. But it's terrific anyway.
first rain By Madison.
Wow. Reminds me of some of Jack Gilbert's best.
overwhelmed By dev0n.
Mile Markers By Echolocation.
I think learning to fight the feeling of time that this poem describes is one of the most important missions we have here to realize what we are.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
349 heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A brief tale of Kirk (Blender-Keeper) and Mo's wedding...
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