"It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart."
--Ulyssess Everett McGill, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Blender of Love Digest Valentine 2002

Red Cellophane Wrapped Heart Shaped Boxes of Chocolate

Red cellophane wrapped heart shaped boxes of chocolate are good.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and the Love Blender's still going strong. I write about that in this month's Ramble, The State of the Blender.

Some really good works this month, the ones arranged to the right are my favorites from a really good flock.

So if you're a first time Valentine visitor, welcome. Read the good stuff we have, join in the Blender Board, and maybe send in some writing of your own.
Read and Enjoy,

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper*

*(Oh yeah, and then go read my shamlessly plugged site kisrael.com.)

Front Page Picks
Beautiful By Laurel Ahlfeld.
"inspired by the board's discussion of beauty, watching 'A Beautiful Mind' tonight, and some chronic heart ache"
Nothing Like It By Max-Rom.
Small observation. Rings true.
Lullabye By W.H. Auden, Submitted by Arwen.
I think the last four lines of the first stanza are some of the best in all literature.
First and Last Date #17
No Reply Necessary
By TJ Holland, two stories of potential romances nipped in the bud.
Make It A Double By Galadrial.
I've heard some people point to coffehouses as one of the factors in the birth of the Renaissance.
l / o / v / e By distant moon.
The "machine of love" line is a bit much, but the last stanza is wonderful.
styx and why the river flows By the guppy.
Leftfootedness is a great word. (That's not why this poem is here, however.)
Again By courtney.
Terrific opening and close, tentative throughout.
Ink and Bubble Jet By Sage.
Kind of a simplistic message. I think in art and life it's the framing that really makes the love scene work.
Whitman Whispered By Rhetoric.
"Reveal the inner dame". This piece actually does capture some of the feel of the poet.
the last thing in the world By Madison.
Excellent use of language and setting of mood.
Love is a Liar By Lydia.
A question over breakfast.
So intense By deevaa.
Still life with storm.
I gave up By musicalduck.
Suburbia By Jon.
Prose work about childhood, with a noble aspiration for romance. A sense of play is very important.
Matt Hale By Misti.
Not all lost romance should be pined over.
So Natural By Varda.
8 well chosen words.
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