love is like walking in
the most perfect flower garden
and stepping on a rake

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < june 2003 >
Your loyal Blender-Keeper and the Old Frankfurt Opera House, reflected in a VW.
Summer is here and your loyal Blender-Keeper has returned from two and a half terrific weeks in Germany and England. And speaking of it normal to go to bed at 8 and get up at 3?

Anyway, another fine month here on the Blender. The usual assortment of good pieces were sent in last month, a selection of which (leading off with a terribly immodest pick, but hey, what good is abuse of power if you can't enjoy it a little) is gracing the frontpage. Plus, we have Guest Ramble by Gala on good manners and bad breakups.

As always, Read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

He Asked Her Name and For A Light - Kirk
Zeugma is a certain type of sentence construction. This poem was partially invented and partially scavanged from this page on the form.

from "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" - Michael Chabon
A lovely description of a kiss.

Do you know
Two from ladyinwaiting. The quote was by her son and used as this month's pagetop...follows a familiar pattern but is still well done. The selection of the second reflects my preference for denim.

It's Not You - Galadrial
Against the awful breakup clichés.

Empty Hours - Liz
I was going to try to say something meaningful about this poem, but then I realized that, at least at the moment, what it reminds me most of is the extreme case of jetlag I have. (Sorry Liz.)

Mid-Life - annabel
Surprisingly sophisticated for being such a brief work.

Ani Difranco Quote - Ani Difranco
Submitted by Meredith. A quote from a song, from one of the best modern songwriters.

Dependence/What Matters - DEADheart
Open, overly phallic interpretations, but it reminded me a bit of William Carlos Williams' This Is Just To Say.

Human "COMPASS" - Champagne
I have to admit it took a second reading to get the point (so to speak) of this poem...another bit of innuendo.

Oak and Coral - jwb71913
This poem rated "Arrrrr", not really. (Sorry Jim)

a bottle of red - deevaa

Vivid Dreams - Amethyst
Evocative; like a dream within a dream.

out of words - Jon
Brief and direct. Though I'm not sure I believe Jon is really running out of words.

Two sensual works by Rennie Lorca.

Nothing I Love - Lupschada
Very dark, Lupschada says it might be the first poem she ever wrote.

Blender Ramble
Gala on "Civility And Sense...The Science of Goodbye".

Heart on Sleeve Corner
667 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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