Love is like traveling down the road
with the wind in your face

...and you try to spit

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < may 2003 >
This month, in honor of the one year anniversary of her blender visual revamp, a guest Front Page Blurb:
So, May is here, the sun is shining, and love is in the air. Your first instinct will be to embrace it, let the love wash over you like a yummy shampoo, but resist. Run. Run fast, and far. The love, much like the rhythm, is gonna get you.

Love sucks. It rots. It's bad for your complexion.

I've had a rough month, maybe you can tell. But the blender submissions are great, even the ones that aren't bitter, and it's exciting to see so many new names. Insofar as anything can be exciting. (okay, it's not as bad as all that, but the wallowing helps.)

--Lupschada (good friend of Kirk, Blender-Keeper)     

P.S. Kirk says "sometime this month, the Blender will be changing servers, there might be a few days where your computer is connecting to the old server, and you won't be able to post new works or see the very latest submissions...but all will be well a short time after that."

ode to college love
Two by sarahsehee. Terrifically detailed works...I especially liked "toothbrush", I know how important those "left behind" things can be.

ships infinity - J.....
Submitted by rthoseflipflops, who says "he gave this to me on my way to 4th period." I have no idea what it means but it seems like a wonderful thing to get on the way to 4th period

What's with Friday nights - lilla
A meditation on loss, with a closing that has just the right note.

Some days - ladyinwaiting
12 well-chosen words.

Pure and Simple
Two by Chances The first is but 6 words (also well-chosen). The second is a goofy little romp through the solar system...maybe it's here partially because it reminded me of my own story Yee and Lan.

Love is like... - kathy, via ladyinwaiting
We are like sculptors... - Anais Nin, via Champagne
Throw your heart... - Norman Vincent Peale, via Cryingshame58
I guess people have picked up on my fondness for quotes!

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (recorded by Jeff Buckley)
Submitted by akaiterine. A stanza from a song, I believe a biblical reference to King David.

In Her Dreams - Dylan Kwiatkowski
Dylan submitted a number of small prose pieces, which is generally a decent way of currying favor with the Blender-Keeper.

drive by lover - darwin
Another new prose writer...a beautiful closing sentence.

With All the World - Ali
This poem has a nice tangle to it.

Reclaiming the Light - Calypso
Evocative use of space and light.

Burning Leaves - jwb71913
Excellent examle of the prose-y, story poem I like so well, with a good woodsmoke metaphor.

Three Koru - deevaa
A cool iconic painting and its story.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby - coujeaux
Coujeaux follows an interesting form fairly strictly, long couplets in 6 line stanzas, and also displays a gift for imagery.

LOVE TO ALL (continued)
Two by RennieLorca. The first is evidentally a response to this poem, I liked something in its mood and the fussiness of its technical footnote. The second is an essay on long-lived love.

Blender Review
Jeffrey Brown's terrific graphic novel, "Clumsy, A Novel"

Heart on Sleeve Corner
679 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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