"Two people kissing always look like fish."
---Andy Warhol

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < april 2004 >
Unhappy month for your loyal Blender-Keeper coming up, will the divorce court date with his soon-to-be-ex-wife set early on.

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Still, soldiering on, last month was another terrific month for poems, there are some excellent works on this month's front page, and the Heart on Sleeve corner is worth checking out as always.

I had the pleasure of seeing and now reviewing an excellent, excellent film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...one of those rare Blender reviews that's out about the same time as the thing being reviewed!

As always, read and enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Weighting on Nothingness - Chances
A touch of typography play, I think, but it really makes the poem.

Zao Zen - Irongirl
I have no idea what this poem's description of "A Dirty Martini with a twist of Sal" really means but it's a great little prose work.

Summer is Magic - Corinna
But...summer is coming back, just wait a few months...

a little is not enough - darwin
Gross, but still pretty wonderful.

I Will Miss Your Grocery Lists - Misti
one hundred twenty hours - chris
It seems like Misti and Chris are breaking up. I took the editorial liberty of setting one work from each of them together here.

Let Me Tell You - B.K.
Kind of hard to put your finger on the appeal of this work, but I really dug its ending for some reason.

To Show its Showing - Ali
A well-constructed poem.

beach finds - Madison
Heart of glass, or maybe the other way around.

Resent No More - Ralph Marston
Submitted by CryingShame58. I'm usually not much for "motivational thought" type passages, but there's is something in this that really struck me in my soon-to-be-divorced heart. "Non, Je ne resent rien."

Untitled - Akash
A lovely slice-of-life.

Consulting the Ceiling - CordovaGirl
We rarely see poems this good at being a narrative.

Kissing Quote - Andy Warhol
Submitted by CordovaGirl. This month's top-of-the-page quote.

Summer - Violet
Maybe it's just spring fever but "the gap between T shirt and blue jeans" is driving me mad.

Super name-dropper of a creation...in a good way.

Blender Movie Review
The amazingly wonderful "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Heart on Sleeve Corner
222 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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