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Strangers in Paradise (by chris) 2010 Nov 11
(Her Heart Is) (by chris) 2010 May 26
Selected Quotes Out of Context (by chris) 2010 Feb 21
Faith (by chris) 2009 Dec 17
Rock with Me (by chris) 2009 Sep 14
Next to Last Call (by chris) 2009 Sep 01
         Strictly fiction.
Plane & Simple (by chris) 2009 Aug 29
Incomplete (by chris) 2009 Aug 29
You Should Be John Cusack at This Moment (by chris) 2009 Aug 23
As Hippocrates Said... (by chris) 2009 Aug 23
One of Life's Burning Questions Finally Answered (by chris) 2009 Aug 21
Highway Kind (by Townes Van Zandt) 2009 Jul 29
You in the Rearview: A Novel (by chris) 2009 Jun 26
         Chapter 1
Snow in June (by chris) 2009 Jun 25
(Like Butter) (by chris) 2009 Apr 26
Love is the night flower (by chris) 2009 Apr 16
Out of Line (by chris) 2009 Mar 27
Your Voice at Midnight (by chris) 2009 Jan 26
Text Haiku #2 (by chris) 2008 Dec 08
In Some Lights I See (by chris) 2008 Dec 04
The Light (by chris) 2008 Dec 04
A Letter You'll Never Read (by chris) 2008 Nov 24
Women who sleep with their backs to me (by chris) 2008 Nov 04
Visions at Midnight (by chris) 2008 Nov 04
Text Haiku #1 (by chris) 2008 Nov 04
She Mostly Amazes Me (by chris) 2008 Nov 04
Tonight I wear the clothes (by chris) 2008 Nov 02
Objects in Mirror Are Farther Away Than You Think (by chris) 2008 Sep 17
         A poem from another summer. Found while packing up the house.
Where There's Woman (by Captain Beefheart) 2008 Sep 11
Our date nights (by chris) 2008 Aug 26
Let's Just Get Goodbye Out of the Way (by chris) 2008 Jul 19
         My attempt at a country song. Now all I need is Toby Keith to sing it. Chords available upon request...
(Texas Weblog from a Former Life) (by chris) 2008 Jul 19
Funny How Endings (by chris) 2008 Jul 18
(Almost) Like the Baptists Say (by chris) 2008 Jul 14
Kind of Like Superman (by chris) 2008 Jul 14
The Summer of Overstimulation (by chris) 2008 Jul 13
         Experimental fiction.
When I go walking at night here (by chris) 2008 Jul 10
         Originally written in Nederland, Texas. Revised five minutes ago a bit farther west.
tell me (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         14 March 2000
The Trouble With Acire (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
Non Piangere (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         19 June 2000
Why I Should Be Out in the Desert (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         11 March 2000
i wanna confront yer mystery (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         26 April 2000
Your Desire (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         23 April 2000
You've Seen Me (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         20 April 2000
So I Say (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         10 April 2000
Lunch Break (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         7 April 2000
So I Live (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         4 April 2000
These Days (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         2 April 2000.
If You Want to See Snow (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
her (by chris) 2008 Jul 08
         Old poem. Submitted here for posterity & not much else.
No Story is Ever Really Finished (by chris) 2008 Jul 06
         15 January 2008 - unfinished collaborative flash fiction
The Two Rules of Surviving Divorce (Everything Else is Relative) (by chris) 2008 Jun 25
         Past Guest Ramble
In a Lake of the Trees (by chris) 2008 Jun 21
         Also for APSI. After Pound's "In a Station of the Metro"
When I watched the Red Sunset (by chris) 2008 Jun 21
         Written for AP Summer Institute, after the Whitman poem
The Sunset From Here (by chris) 2008 Jun 15
Getting Off It (by chris) 2008 Jun 15
4 Haiku (by chris) 2008 Jun 14
Things You Can Fling (by chris) 2008 Jun 14
Recovered Memory (by chris) 2008 Jun 10
Rise and Bank (by chris) 2008 Jun 07
I think I go into the mountains (by chris) 2008 Jun 05
Love Is a Losing Game (by Amy Winehouse) 2008 May 30
         To bookend the Etta...
I'd Rather Go Blind (by Ellington Jordan and Billy Foster) 2008 May 30
         Etta James
Love Poetry = Nepotism (by chris) 2008 May 30
no honor among cholas (by chris) 2008 May 28
waiting out the heat (by chris) 2008 May 28
Benediction (by chris) 2008 May 28
Roaming Fees Apply (by chris) 2008 May 27
Albuquerque From the Air (by chris) 2008 May 26
On our last Friday (by chris) 2008 May 26
Untitled (by chris) 2008 May 26
Poetry, like the three tumbleweeds in my back yard (by chris) 2008 May 26
You Left On a Day the Wind Blew (by chris) 2008 May 26
Your Alarm Goes Off (by chris) 2008 May 25
I Loved a Girl Once (by chris) 2008 May 18
For Whatever It's Worth (by chris) 2008 Mar 17
         From 2000 or thereabouts.
You Are Gone, You Will Stay Gone (by chris) 2008 Mar 17
         Sonnet from back in the day.
To Michele (by chris) 2008 Mar 17
         ancient poem
Novel With No Name, Chapter 1 (by chris) 2008 Mar 17
         17 December 2006
Upon First Seeing the Desert (by chris) 2008 Mar 17
Mountain Snow, Valley Rain (by chris) 2008 Mar 05
Martinis In Missoula (by chris) 2008 Mar 04
Paraphrase of a Famous Poem (by chris) 2008 Mar 02
         Apologies to Marvell...
I Am the Desert (by chris) 2008 Mar 01
We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day (by chris) 2008 Mar 01
         Another spring
the past just happens (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
Sonnet for Petrarch's Laura, Dead 660 Years (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
Unknown Quantity (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
the past wears tight jeans (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         18 March 2005
hedonism with red and green (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         18 May 2004
all the signs (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         26 April 2004
Talking (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         19 April 2004
So We See (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         19 April 2004
April is the Cruelest Month (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         14 April 2004
tripping over the holy ghost in the dark (by chris) 2008 Feb 26
         27 April 2004
A Bedtime Story (by chris) 2008 Feb 25
         8 June 2003
Confessional (by chris) 2008 Feb 16
Adele Meets Norman (by Adele Morales) 2008 Jan 06
         From "The Last Party", a memoir by Norman Mailer's second wife
Year of the Cat (by Al Stewart & Peter Wood) 2007 Dec 09
Someday We'll Know (by New Radicals) 2007 Oct 26
Like a Gram Parsons Song 2007 Oct 20
leave god out of this 2007 Jun 30
         A slice of life from 10 March 2001.
Coney Island Baby (by Lou Reed) 2007 Jun 24
         The latest song I can't stop listening to.
The Ruins at Pecos 2007 Jun 18
How about we walk 2007 Jun 15
         Just watched "The Milagro Beanfield War"...
Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth (by Devo) 2007 Jun 13
Better (Not) Shop Around (by chris) 2007 Jun 13
Two completely unrelated things I realized today (or maybe just remembered) 2007 Jun 12
         Reading Douglas Brinkley's book "The Great Deluge"...
Partita in B Minor 2007 Jun 07
The Weather in Wal-Mart 2007 May 29
Urban Cowboy '07 2007 May 26
         A "what if" piece...
Riding the Bull 2007 May 25
Let's Talk About Love 2007 May 24
A woman walks 2007 May 23
(The Rock Cried Out) 2007 May 23
In This Light 2007 May 22
Cuba Libre 2007 May 21
The picture on my computer reminds me 2007 May 08
Caliente 2007 May 07
East Central Fadeaway 2007 May 05
         With apologies to Jerry Garcia...
Driving to Jasper 2007 May 04
Excerpt from "Water" (by Sherman Alexie) 2007 May 03
Entreaty 2007 May 03
The Turquoise Trader's Wife: a Letter 2007 May 02
         I'm teaching my students Navajo/Native American poetry...
Sometimes you think 2007 Apr 28
Buenas 2007 Apr 22
In the everlasting 2007 Apr 16
Rain Shadow 2007 Apr 14
         Take two...
On Yale Mall, After Dark 2007 Apr 13
Woke up in a Tom Waits dream 2007 Apr 12
We celebrate Easter 2007 Apr 09
Sangre 2007 Apr 08
Jukebox 2007 Apr 07
I Ain't Got No Heart (by Frank Zappa) 2007 Apr 07
         Freak Out! should be required listening for the entire human race.
The wire services say 2007 Apr 06
love like faith 2007 Apr 06
Chile in Five Courses 2007 Apr 06
         I have several skills. Careful proofreading is not one of them.
Chile in Five Courses 2007 Apr 05
Dedicacion 2007 Apr 05
Rain Shadow 2007 Mar 29
(Live) from the Southern Deserts 2007 Mar 27
Kissass (by Allen Ginsberg) 2007 Mar 26
         Yes, he really wrote this.
Life After Texas 2007 Mar 25
         Remembrance of things past...
On Taking Two Teacher Comptenency Exams in One Day, Highland High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2007 Mar 24
Closet Cleaning 2007 Mar 22
         As I sit here choking on juniper pollen...
Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window (by Charles Bukowski) 2007 Mar 21
Recent Memory 2007 Mar 21
Three Days of Fever 2007 Mar 13
all the ships at sea 2007 Mar 03
Malo 2007 Feb 24
I Remember California (by R.E.M.) 2007 Feb 22
July Next 2007 Feb 18
A Man Calls His Lover 2007 Feb 17
         (Typos are like cockroaches in the bayou.)
A Man Calls His Lover 2007 Feb 17
         "A true story that never happened," to paraphrase Tim O'Brien
When Man Enters Woman (by Anne Sexton) 2007 Jan 08
The Days After 2006 Dec 31
Unfinished Texas Screenplay: First Three Scenes 2006 Dec 18
         This was going to be called "Get Gone," but I used that title for something else.
Untraveled Road In Fog 2006 Dec 16
         NY poem from the early 90s.
The Long Way to Sylvia's House 2006 Dec 16
         Short short story, circa 1993-94.
All Stories Are True 2006 Dec 11
         (repost minus the typos)
All Stories Are True 2006 Dec 10
no unscheduled stops 2006 Dec 06
in medias res 2006 Dec 03
Red Sky at Night 2006 Dec 03
         From earlier in the month...
Sky Miles 2006 Dec 02
Bienvenidos 2006 Nov 28
Snow Line 2006 Nov 25
To the Freeway Jumper 2006 Nov 13
Look (Interior Monologue #2) 2006 Nov 03
         Second in a series of brief character sketches.
I'm Your Man (by Leonard Cohen) 2006 Oct 26
On Yale Mall, After Dark 2006 Oct 22
La Frontera 2006 Oct 13
White On White On Blue 2006 Oct 03
         Haiku from White Sands...
Valles Caldera 2006 Oct 03
         To Belinda, who taught me how to see.
forbidden fruit is always in season 2006 Sep 02
Improbably So 2006 Aug 31
black sky, white smoke 2006 Aug 25
Pictures From a Monsoon Summer 2006 Aug 17
mountain time 2006 Jul 26
"Open Your Eyes" 2006 Jul 15
Out of the City 2006 Jul 15
         Subversive little vignette that somehow made it into my HS literary mag. 4 January 1990.
Technical Writing 2006 Jun 21
Albuquerque, New Mexico: 8:24pm 2006 Jun 21
         Written last week for one of my grad school classes...
Postcard From the Road 2006 Jun 02
Near Grants, New Mexico 2006 May 28
Forty Miles of Bad Road (by chris) 2006 May 25
Shout Out (Loud) 2006 May 21
Exhibit A 2006 May 14
         To Belinda - mother and wife - on her day.
92 Degrees of Perfect (Revisited) 2006 May 13
         For aparajita's break up poem challenge. Written 6/3/04. At the time I thought this particular crack-up really sucked. Now I think *I* was the one smoking the crack. Heh.
Night Flower 2006 May 13
Stream of Unconsciousness (by chris) 2006 May 06
Cancion 2006 May 04
Mi Angel de la Tardes 2006 May 02
Que No? 2006 Apr 26
Cloud Lightning and Baskin Robbins 2006 Apr 25
A Mostly True Story 2006 Apr 21
         (Hemingway parody - what English majors do for fun...heh)
Nocturne in April 2006 Apr 12
         To my Belinda. To us.
Last Smoke 2006 Apr 08
static electric dialectic 2006 Apr 08
When the Water's Questionable, Drink the Beer 2006 Apr 05
         Old poem revised.
Road Song 2006 Apr 04
Your dreamsongs sometimes 2006 Apr 03
In Moab it's easy 2006 Apr 03
         Wife & I just got back from a six-day road trip to the Four Corners...
One Night in a Biker Bar Parking Lot 2006 Mar 23
Astronomy Lessons 2006 Mar 21
(To My Girl, Asleep) 2006 Mar 12
         Re-working of an older piece...
Some November 2006 Mar 12
         To Belinda.
Present Tense 2006 Mar 06
Fear and Loathing In Married Life 2006 Mar 04
         From 2/7/01. Oddly prescient. I think I was seeing the life I was meant to have - and would have. Someday.
(She stands alone in the desert) 2006 Feb 19
         Written 7/14/01. Love-gone-bad-related if anything. Sort of.
this will be 2006 Feb 13
Walking Well Before Midnight 2006 Feb 09
The Perfect Saturday Night: Basic Instructions 2006 Feb 05
midnight song for janis 2006 Feb 04
La Luna es Mi Madre 2006 Jan 26
in the am 2006 Jan 21
Deja You 2006 Jan 16
story of a sunday 2006 Jan 16
por vida 2006 Jan 08
alchemy at midnight 2006 Jan 03
brian eno and desert night 2005 Dec 11
Sweet Dreams (by John Bucchino) 2005 Dec 03
(black friday haiku) 2005 Nov 26
peak color 2005 Nov 12
muchas gracias (and then some) 2005 Oct 15
         to belinda
After Last Call, Tucumcari, New Mexico 2005 Oct 10
         Written back in 2000...oddly prophetic as it turns out...
a love song to alburquerque... 2005 Sep 04
         romance-related in an elliptical way - had i not ended up here i never would have met my true soulmate. so for me the two will always be inextricably linked...
almost cheated 2005 Aug 17
where stately plantations once stood 2005 Jul 29
in mexico 2005 Jul 08
Lovin' You (by Minnie Riperton/Richard Rudolph) 2005 Jun 26
living large 2005 Jun 26
         (Re-post. Not sure what happened the first time...)
living large 2005 Jun 26
even hollywood makes mistakes 2005 Jun 22
product placement 2005 Jun 21
(Alone in Vegas: an Unread Email) 2005 Jun 15
six ways from sunday 2005 Jun 13
it equals out and then some 2005 Jun 12
found at sea 2005 Jun 05
93 in the shade (if you can find any) 2005 May 23
Get Gone (scenes 5-8) 2005 Apr 28
Get Gone (scenes 1-4) 2005 Apr 28
         Unfinished screenplay from my days in Texas...
(canada is america when she grows up) 2005 Apr 11
(longing is always shot in imax) 2005 Apr 10
Dispatch From Toronto 2005 Mar 29
(mi familia) 2005 Mar 03
the gifts that keep on giving 2005 Feb 14
one mile closer (to the stars) 2005 Feb 14
         To my girl at 10 months...
(tu amor) 2005 Feb 03
The Best Gifts Have Nothing to Do With Christmas (Xmas Challenge Sub) 2004 Dec 18
seeing the light 2004 Dec 16
Home On Christmas Day (by Cyndi Lauper ) 2004 Dec 14
         From her Christmas album. Yeah, there is one. I like the part about the drunk Santa.
global warming 2004 Dec 09
Working Class Hero (by John Lennon) 2004 Dec 08
         (My favorite John Lennon song.)
the laws of the jungle don't apply in the desert 2004 Dec 08
why mild salsa was invented 2004 Dec 02
es media noche 2004 Nov 23
vista de la ciudad 2004 Nov 20
(in nuevo mexico) 2004 Nov 18
on the 7 2004 Nov 15
so we kiss 2004 Nov 12
seven sacred 2004 Nov 12
days in the life 2004 Nov 01
by the light of stars long burned out 2004 Oct 31
(falling into you again) 2004 Oct 30
(when the water's doubtful, drink the beer) 2004 Oct 28
ian curtis must watch over us all 2004 Oct 16
(three non sequiturs) 2004 Oct 13
(in rhode island) 2004 Oct 12
cold weather dreams 2004 Sep 22
pink fuzzy slippers 2004 Sep 07
black on black 2004 Sep 04
         I don't think a color can be a metaphor, but whatever.
(because the road) 2004 Sep 03
the return trip is always the longest 2004 Aug 18
monsoon season 2004 Aug 18
(get your) kicks 2004 Aug 17
         a poem with no redeeming social value whatsoever
it's always raining somewhere 2004 Aug 14
the fire needs the air to burn 2004 Aug 12
         (avoid mixing six-mile desert hikes with questionable mexican produce)
the light in august 2004 Aug 11
got the life (on layaway) 2004 Aug 10
(your mileage may vary) 2004 Aug 06
tonight i said 2004 Jul 28
         (to b. - for life...)
ropas usadas 2004 Jul 26
we know 2004 Jul 23
after taking the last new mexico wedding planner in the lobby of the la fonda 2004 Jul 23
love isn't math 2004 Jul 17
music in the dark 2004 Jul 16
         (To my Belinda... The Gipsy Kings will always be OURS! I love you...)
goddess is in the details 2004 Jul 08
simon lebon may not be god but he's filling in for the time being 2004 Jul 01
getting the mail 2004 Jun 30
Circle in the Sand (by R. Nowels/E. Shipley) 2004 Jun 11
         To my Belinda - our song!
city of holy faith 2004 Jun 09
92 degrees of perfect 2004 Jun 03
(4,955 feet above sea level and falling) 2004 May 29
(find your bliss now and avoid the rush) 2004 May 25
now i see... 2004 May 23
marilyn manson sucks as breakup music 2004 May 23
this monday 2004 May 16
thirteen hundred hours 2004 May 11
Making the List... 2004 May 10
new mexico is a dry state even during the best of years 2004 May 08
come again? 2004 May 07
manana 2004 May 06
high desert day off 2004 May 05
flying (sans typo) 2004 May 05
flying 2004 May 05
(because i'll never again be the last) 2004 May 04
always hungry 2004 May 03
what you might be thinking 2004 May 03
everybody loves saturday night 2004 May 03
late night luv from texas 2004 Apr 30
all the instruments agree 2004 Apr 30
         repost - correction to second-to-last line
all the instruments agree 2004 Apr 29
the varieties of religious experience 2004 Apr 29
casual sex-y 2004 Apr 29
at the zoo 2004 Apr 28
free love has no co-pay 2004 Apr 27
20 April 2004 Apr 20
Free Man In Paris (by Joni Mitchell) 2004 Apr 19
fever-like 2004 Mar 24
there is nothing 2004 Mar 23
one hundred twenty hours 2004 Mar 23
saturday haiku 2004 Mar 20
There Really is a Duke of Albuquerque Living Somewhere in Spain (by chris) 2004 Mar 15
covert misti haiku (by misti) 2003 Sep 05
         Misti speaks in blues and haikus - and sometimes harsh language.
Love is the Drug (by Ferry/Mackay) 2003 Aug 27
         Roxy Music.
dollar poetry (by unknown) 2003 Aug 19
candy bigotry (by misti) 2003 Aug 15
Men (by Misti Velvet Rainwater) 2003 Aug 14
Misti Joke #35 (by Misti) 2003 Jul 18
sordid mistiquote #1 (by misti-n-chris) 2003 Jun 27
The House On Cuba Road 2003 Jun 15
         Letter to a couple on their 50th Anniversary.
Postcard, Winslow, AZ (by Chris) 2003 May 02
         Found at the bottom of a trunk in the closet.
I Want a Lover (by Pet Shop Boys) 2003 Mar 22
         Most underrated act of the century.
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (by Cole Porter) 2003 Mar 06
         My vote for the most heartbreaking song ever written...
She is Always Seventeen (by Harry Chapin) 2003 Jan 29
         A different kind of love song.
The Mower to the Glo-Worms (by Andrew Marvell) 2002 Nov 24
         I find the English pastoral tradition fascinating, and I think this poem distills perfectly its combination of contentment & heartsickness w/the shadow of death always looming large--even--especially--in a perfect paradise.
in the desert, water is life (by chris) 2002 Nov 09
         my wife is a trip.
Catechism of Kisses (by Misti Lake) 2002 Nov 04
         Found this in a little book Misti gave me once.
Honey Bun (by Oscar Hammerstein II) 2002 Aug 18
         my favorite rogers & hammerstein song (from 'south pacific'). gloriously politically-incorrect...
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (by Bob Dylan) 2002 Aug 05
         Love you, baby...
She's My Baby (by Paul McCartney) 2002 Jul 31
         some songs speak for themselves
how to talk logically about divorce (by chris) 2002 Jul 15
         instructional poem
Memorial Day, 2000: A Letter (by Misti Velvet Rainwater) 2002 Jun 15
         from back in the beginning...
not to say (by Chris) 2002 Jun 11
Triad (by David Crosby) 2002 Apr 22
E-Bow the Letter (by REM) 2002 Apr 21
         from new adventures in hi-fi. best damn song ever written. patti smith guested.
Chopsticks (by Liz Phair) 2002 Apr 17
         cool lyrics
you tell me to write a poem (by christopher) 2002 Mar 27
         thank GOD
If Love's a Sweet Passion 2002 Mar 27
         I can't recall who who wrote this, but Henry Purcell set it to music in his semi-opera "The Fairy Queen". It's extraordinarily beautiful.
Copacabana (by Barry Manilow) 2002 Mar 20
         Yes! Exactly! Thanks to what's-her-name for mentioning this song... (Hey, to all you regulars out there, what's going on with the Blender attracting the mentally disturbed as of late? Personally, I think they're all the same person. Anything else would be just too scary to contemplate.)
this one's for you (by barry manilow and marty panzer) 2002 Mar 19
         for some reason manilow is always associated with schlock. this is unfortunate. he's a truly great song stylist in the tradition of mathis. too bad it'll probably take another fifty years for critical opinion to catch up with reality. :(
Meat Market, Installment One (by Misti Velvet Rainwater) 2002 Mar 09
         a new old novel of misti's. she's lost interest in it, but i think it's worth a second look...
William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed (by Phil Ochs) 2002 Feb 26
         More people should know about Phil Ochs--especially at times like this. He was a poet, musician, revolutionary, friend of Bob Dylan...and much more. He is greatly missed. This was written right after the Chicago Democratic Convention in '68.
I Loved 'Em Everyone (by T.G. Sheppard) 2002 Feb 25
         This will make Misti mad. But I can only quote my hero Nietzsche: "Live dangerously."
The Wonder of U (by Baker Knight) 2002 Feb 24
         This about sums up Misti & I. But for the full effect you had to hear it sung by an Elvis impersonator at the Julie Rodgers Theatre in swinging downtown Beaumont, TX one week before Christmas...
Atlanta (by Stone Temple Pilots) 2002 Feb 24
Saturday Poem (by Misti Velvet Rainwater) 2002 Feb 23
         There's no description. This defies description. Like Misti.
Misty (by Johnny Mathis) 2002 Feb 21
         The title speaks to me for sentimental reasons. Mathis is way underrated. Makes Sinatra look like a chump--AND he's from Texas. Doesn't get much better'n that.
breaking the bank (by chris) 2002 Feb 20
Misti at 33 (by Chris) 2002 Feb 19
         We've had a tough couple of days.
Battle of Who Could Care Less (by Ben Folds Five) 2002 Feb 04
Warm and Beautiful (by Paul McCartney) 2002 Feb 04
         from "Wings at the Speed of Sound"---better than any Beatles album. Paul's artistic peak.
I Need Love (by LL Cool J) 2002 Feb 03
         Don't we all?
Hard to Say I'm Sorry (by Peter Cetera and David Foster) 2002 Feb 03
         It really is...
watch (by tawnia) 2002 Feb 03
         this chick is goooood. i've had the honor of knowing her, and so should the rest of the world.
HEARTLIGHT (by Neil Diamond) 2002 Feb 02
Lots of Lovin' (last verse) (by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth) 2002 Jan 28
         from "Mecca and the Soul Brother", classic NYC hip-hop
Copacabana (by Barry Manilow) 2002 Jan 24
         hmm... don't know if he actually wrote it, but nevertheless he IS this song...
cougars (by chris ) 2002 Jan 20
Like It Like That (by A Tribe Called Quest) 2001 Dec 17
         NYC hip-hop. A needed antidote to the lame Southern-fried beats that surround me these days...
The Same Situation (by Joni Mitchell) 2001 Nov 29
         From "Court and Spark"
Sunday, September 30, 2001 (by Christopher) 2001 Sep 30
         From my xanga...
metaphorical madness (by Christopher) 2001 Sep 23
         inspired by some recent posts. words are wonderful things.
So What Do You Suggest We Do Now? (by Christopher) 2001 Sep 21
         Romance-related in an elliptical way...
roadkill (by christopher) 2001 Sep 09
         took a break from my study of gibbon's 'decline & fall of the roman empire' to write this...
Swamp September (by Christopher) 2001 Sep 04
         Summer can't last forever--not even in the Swamp...
Together 4Ever (by Rick Astley) 2001 Aug 31
         This song says it all. And more.
Bayou Summer (by Christopher) 2001 Aug 22
         Something's cooking on the Bayou...
Mermaid in the Garden (by Chris and Misti) 2001 Aug 19
         A collaborative poem
The Meaning of Commiseration (by Christopher) 2001 Aug 11
haiku (by chris) 2001 Aug 08
Bayou Swim (by Christopher) 2001 Aug 06
         There's more to the Bayou than the mud shack...
Summer on the Bayou (by chris) 2001 Aug 05
         First part in a series, I hope.
So...we didn't get drunk (by Misti Velvet Rainwater) 2001 Jul 31
         Vegas according to Misti (buy her cd at!!!)
No Time at All: Scene II (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
No Time at All: Scene I (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
         Misti needs to get back to her true calling, which she does better than anyone else I know: writing screenplays. I'm glad she is. Check out the work in progress at! (She's Supercalifragile, btw...)
(muddy stream of consciousness) (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
Kid Rock Was Never My Hero (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
Dirk Diggler Didn't Know What to Do (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
American Theater (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15
Pretty Pastel Poem (by Misti) 2001 Jul 15

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