"The reason we say 'fell in love' is that it makes it sound more like an accident. Men act like, 'I was walking along and fell in love. I tried to get my boys to pull me out, but I got all tangled in the ropes and sticks and I couldn't break free.'"
--Chris Rock

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < february 2004 >
The fifth Valentine's Edition of the Blender of Love Digest is here!

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Sure...my personal romantic life might be a cratered-out, smoke-blackened wasteland...but my sports life couldn't be better. Go Patriots! Woo hoo! 15 Wins in a row! Second Superbowl Win in two years!


This month we feature a rather dark and gloomy ramble by Blender Regular Misti, Cupid: A Fickle Little F**ker...read at your own risk, but I think it's worth the while.

Hope your Valentine's is better than mine!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

The Same Face - Ali
A chiller of a closing line for an elegantly crafted work.

Yeah - Chances
Well, the word Yeah is in my dictionary, but the definition "Yes" doesn't capture the same nuance that this poem does.

Still Awake - AJ
A sleepless night before going off to war.

Swedish Proverb - Leela
Quick thought inspired by a trinket.

the dogs of december - whisper
Another study in seasonal temperature.

15 days - mandyrinorange
The final line of this work resonated with the breakup I've been going through.

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind - B.K.
Snappy and not sappy.

the faultless catch 22 - nolo.com
A leagal nuance I recently had chance to find out about. It wasn't a battle I was going to fight, so I can admire the twisted paradoxical beauty of it.

bitter - Kirk
Whining little work.

What is the Symbolism Behind Coffee and Wontons? - Misti
"just awoke from a series of incredible dreams"

Arrythmia (Done this way for the Tanqueray) - coujeaux
We had some interesting talk on the message board about coujeaux's choice in line length; this is an experiment in shorter lines, and I really do think it works well.

Its been too long - wolfscreamer
Another work of loss.

Untitled - Akash
It almost reads like a koan.

A Retail Fantasy
Two by CordovaGirl I thought we'd end this month's selection on her more cheery notes.

Guest Ramble Regarding Romance
Misti explains how Cupid is a A Fickle Little F**ker...

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