And then she hears the sound of a helicopter, from somewhere behind her and, turning, sees the long white beam of light sweeping the dead ground as it comes, like a lighthouse gone mad from loneliness, and searching that barren ground as foolishly, as randomly, as any grieving heart ever has.
--William Gibson, "Pattern Recognition"

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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July is here, no doubt about it.

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Another good month of works, leading of with a triplet of doubles.

This month's Blender Feature, The Two Rules of Surviving Divorce (Everything Else is Relative) by Christopher Lake is a bit of a counterpoint to last month's essay by Misti. Maybe we can all learn something from what they've gone through...(to quote Garrison Keillor quoting his friend, "You can't regret all of the things you went through in order to get to the happiness where you are now.")

In the meantime: read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

You, Boy
Wants to Marry Mark Bellhorn
Two by sassy, living up to the name...both works' praise of boyness reminds me a bit of some parts of Annie Dillard's An American Childhood. And the praise of the Red Sox needs no justification.

how much
Two by Bijoux, the former being published in an upcoming deconstruction quarterly

Silence and Coffee
Two by musicalduck...the one without a title is interesting, I can't figure if it's a positive or negative.

Yes My Darling - Misti
I think that there might be a few layers of story going on here.

Ayer - coujeaux
Coujeaux and those amazing long lines are back.

5 days & 6 nights - mae, submitted by naturalbornkillerblonde.
Seems very true to life.

20 fingers tight - i'm just him
i.j.h's small work format hits some amazing grace notes.

The Island - distant moon
No man is an island. My Uncle came pretty close, though.

Third and Final - prezioso
Seriously touching melancholy.

(Alone in Vegas: an Unread Email) - chris
Interesting fictional complement to this month's Ramble.

cecily - darwin
Story of a bed.

Firefly Pie - B.K.
Firefly...pie? Huh.

Drifts - penelope
An usual refuge from the storm.

Alone in The Woods - corinna
Questions about a weekend.

~ Ankles are Sexy ~ - ~Harem~
An idyllic look back, but I think it might miss a bit of a dark side.

The Two Rules of Surviving Divorce (Everything Else is Relative)
Christopher Lake's Ramble of the Month.

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