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For many of us it's not shaping up to as hot an August as it was a July, and that's a blessed relief!

Hope you all are managing to get some sun while staying cool!

Meanwhile here on the Blender, the pursuit of fine poetry continues apace. Many fine works last month, 15 of which are presented hear for your re-reading enjoyment.

As always, read share and enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

also this month

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~~~HOWMANY more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"Love is like hash. You have to have confidence in it to enjoy it."
--Bob Hope
front page picks

the power of punctuation - Marda Dunsky / Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Watch those commas, periods, and other puncuation marks people!

Waiting For An Ace - B.K.
Image + Words from BK... nice double exposure.

Smart Men are Sexy - Star of David

Sleeping Pill Blues - Laurel Ahlfeld

Shared moment - wolfscreamer

Laugh, Ignore, Delete - CryingShame58
Hey Texty Mama

Just Because - Just L
The why of it all.

The coming tide - darwin
"Your rains falling from time to time" is a nice line.

Ode to my left sock - blakey
Sock it to me.

I'm over magic - i'm just him
When it's all a trick, or maybe not.

First in Line - RebeccaBeth_88
First in line, in two lines.

In Dreams - Belinda
Sweet dreams are made of these.

I am Afraid - Jane Doe
Some good points...

Once in Awhile - Edmundo Daudi

Common Knowledge - AmandaB
Short. Not sweet.