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Welcome to the October Blender of Love Digest!

Autumn's here, few holds barred, and as we shift into a pattern of colder days and longer nights the usefulness of romantic attachments becomes even more apparent.

September was a great month for new works here on the Blender, and a selection is offered here.

As always, read, share, and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"Love is metaphysical gravity."
--R. Buckminster Fuller
front page picks

Our "The End" - Jane Doe
Wow. The ending of this one was probably my favorite bit of this month's entries.

Light - musicalduck
So pretty.

Smile - Star of David
Such a grin.

~Bugged~ - B.K.
Nice bug photo! (Click and look in its eyes...)

DESIDERATA - Max Ehrmann / B.K.
This was a favorite of Rennie Lorca, subject of last month's Blender tribute.

Fighting Over A Man - Laurel Ahlfeld
Fights worth walking away from.

Caught in the Flash - Just L
Very sweet.

Home is Where... - darwin
On the way back.

Slowly - hollywoodfox
Some amount of patience...

said with love - i'm just him
Also love ijh's endings.

your presents - Edmundo Daudi
The known unknown.

Untitled - Camelia Lissenhold
Aw, the old Prose vs Poetry conundrum.

slit - Em Hatemore
Love the start of this one.