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love, again (by hollywoodfox) 2022 Oct 31
         A disagreement between lovers, but only half the story.
[ W I N T E R ] (by hollywoodfox) 2019 Jan 30
I Wore Black (by hollywoodfox) 2017 Oct 19
untitled (by hollywoodfox) 2013 Sep 25
I Am Not Afraid To Die (by hollywoodfox) 2013 Sep 19
i want to kiss you in art galleries (by hollywoodfox) 2013 May 16
Wasting Time in Paris (by hollywoodfox) 2012 Sep 18
[blackout]. (by hollywoodfox) 2012 Jun 03
Welcome To My Life (by hollywoodfox) 2012 Apr 20
Slowly (by hollywoodfox) 2011 Sep 17
On My Knees (by hollywoodfox) 2011 Sep 15
Frolic (by hollywoodfox) 2008 Sep 12
Easy? It's Hardly Easy. (by hollywoodfox) 2008 Aug 28
Self-Deception (by hollywoodfox) 2008 Aug 28
Forgive Me? (by hollywoodfox) 2008 Jan 04
         After hanging out with a male friend, I remembered something...
A Deafening Inner-Monologue (by hollywoodfox) 2007 Dec 31
         A Deafening Inner-Monologue
A Deafening Inner-Monologue (by hollywoodfox) 2007 Dec 31
         A Deafening Inner-Monologue
With You 2007 Dec 04
a different color 2007 Nov 17
Selective Reading (by hollywoodfox) 2007 Aug 08
June & July 2007 May 22
I Need A Dictionary To Define You 2006 Dec 01
You'll Never Be Mine (by hollywoodfox) 2006 Aug 29
         very old piece
I Loved You Once, But Not Twice (by hollywoodfox) 2006 Jul 04
         if that's what he wants to do, then he may do it.
Dis-'tressed' 2006 Jun 19
Heart-Diving 2006 Jun 11
         Just take one more step....
A Walk Away 2006 Jun 05
Hesitation No More 2006 May 30
         I finally went beyond my comfort zone and told him how I feel.
Bang, Bang 2005 Nov 10
         she shoots, she scores another heartache
Skatz Rambles (by Skatz) 2005 Jun 30
         She says the best things ever.
Grilled Cheese from a Foreman Grill 2005 Jun 25
         My life is a movie.
Censor Yourself, Please 2005 Jun 25
         Don't give me false hopes (part 1)
Exploding Dogism (by hollywoodfox) 2005 Jun 25
Scrap Papercuts 2005 Jun 25
         biting words.
Untitled iTune Playlist 2005 Jun 25
         It's like a mix tape, just on the computer.
'Round Midnight 2005 Jun 24
         this needs to stop.
Head Rolls Back and Screams 2005 Mar 15
         I am nothing if not imperfect.
Waiting (by hollywoodfox) 2005 Mar 11
         Temptation comes from unexpected places...
Guarded Passion 2005 Jan 30
Translation 2005 Jan 29
         Why can't I just say what I feel?
A Cleansing of The Palate 2005 Jan 21
         A midnight phone call triggered this inspiration.
A New Year 2004 Dec 31
         does everything have to start over new?
Star-crossed 2004 Nov 30
         Something totally different...
Chain of Thought 2004 Nov 11
         You, plus a million inconsequential things, have been running through my mind.
Ode To My Scarf 2004 Nov 09
         It has been so chilly without you.
This Poem Cares More Than I Do 2004 Nov 02
         Do you always assume it's completely true?
Untitled (by hollywoodfox) 2004 Oct 14
         Beautiful lyrics...
Flawless 2004 Oct 13
         Sometimes it takes awhile to accept being comfortable in a new relationship
Everything Happens For A Reason 2004 Oct 08
         Fresh, like salt to an open wound.
Patience 2004 Oct 03
Fragile 2004 Oct 02
         I can only reach so far. You must reach half-way, too.
New Beginnings 2004 Sep 29
I Become Myself 2004 Sep 22
         Just an observation piece. From a mirror.
Really Now 2004 Sep 21
         i always try to turn an awkward situation into a joke
Unlock Me 2004 Sep 17
Quote 2004 Sep 15
         All you need
Someone Else 2004 Sep 14
You Left Me There 2004 Sep 10
         It still hurts.
After It All 2004 Sep 10
Unsatisfied 2004 Sep 10
         Just a haiku
You Wear Me Like A Seatbelt 2004 Sep 10
         Why can't we ever be the first choice?
Untitled 2004 Sep 10
         Apparently, it happens more often than I thought...
The Dirty Heat 2004 Sep 07
         Shame, guilt, and what-ifs...
Love, Virtual Aisle 6 (by hollywoodfox) 2004 Sep 03
         It seems you CAN buy anything on the internet....
Goodnight, Goodbye 2004 Aug 16
Make-Believe 2004 Aug 16
Tug Of War 2004 Jul 27
         A new love interest enters her life...which will she choose?
Hate To Love 2004 Jun 10
         I don't want to love you.

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