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Summer is in full swing! Welcome to the July edition of the Blender of Love Digest.

For 2 decades, the Love Blender has brought fresh romantic thoughts right to your screen. We persevere as a scrappy bunch of romantics, putting thoughts to keyboard and sharing our common humanity. We welcome you to come and appreciate the works and maybe even add your voice to our song of find out what love can be.

So read, love, share and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
[Love is] a sort of traffic accident of the heart.
--Diane Ackerman
front page picks

Time to let go - Farah / twisted_lie
When the end is here.
knifed - I
too much
Two by Star of David, as perfectly succinct as always.
at the shore - Kirk
Long on the shore.
The Writing's on the Wall - OK Go / B.K.
Besides being a great visual tour de force, the lyrics of this song struck home for me.
Still Primitive After All These Years
What is Love?
Two by B.K. A cynical analysis, and then this month's top of the page quote.
A Waxing Crescent Kiss
Being Led
Two lovely pieces by Just L.
the truth hurts - Jane Doe
Tale of the broken-hearted.