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Happy Easter everybody! Or, you know, Passover. (Or whatever ritual you dig to help welcome the Spring Season after what was a gruelling winter for so many of us.)

March was another fine month here on the Blender of Love, the web's original romantic poetry community. Our reader/writers sent in a pitter patter of excellent works, and a selection of the most striking are presented here for your review.

We welcome all people who love to write about it, and maybe even send it in here-

As always, read and love and share and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Two by Star of David. Wordsmith's line about -isms is terrific.
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Never alone in the dark
Me and You - lovelace
Too much or too little.
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This month's top of the page quote.
be still - darwin
Like darwin's sparseness
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Two by Just L - Booze as metaphor and a really interesting point about love.
I'm a gypsy - Farah / twisted_lie
05:24 am - Ria / peregrine falcon
Insomnia striketh