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Spring is finally more serious about being here! Welcome to the May Edition of the Blender of Love.

To the right is our monthly set of picks - the most compelling works sent in by our participating readers / writers / lovers over the previous month. You're welcome to peruse again, and to send in your own heartfelt musings.

Coming up on 20 years, the Blender of Love is the Web's first ongoing romantic poetic community. We hope that you like what you see and stick around for a while!

As always, share, read, and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"Everyone tells teenagers that they don't know what love is. But everyone wants to feel like a teenager when they fall in love."
front page picks

Stolen Fruit - RobT105
New voice on the Blender... but I'm too jaded to believe the last line.
suicide - lovelace
Early in the morning - Ria / peregrine falcon
After the nightmare.
Ring of fire (here I surrender) - Alexzandria Samonte / annski808
A good use of repetition in these lines....
The April Fool - B.K.
Fool me once, or again and again.
All The Small Ings
Two by Just L Dig the playing with prose stylings.
Not finished - Farah / twisted_lie
You Were the Exception
Things and Stuff, Part 1
Two by Jane Rain- the first is a musing on knowing less.