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Welcome to the March Blender of Love!

Since the mid-90s, the Blender of Love has been a home for readers and writers who love. Every month our small band send in new songs of romance, and every month a small selection of the most intriguing are presented here for your review.

You are welcome to let your voice be heard among ours!

As always, read, love, share and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords
He makes my heart race, my body shake, and my mind cloudy; and yet, I have never been clearer.
--Just L
front page picks

Wup Ass Factory - B.K.
Excellent little Hollywood-laden piece
A letter from me to me - Farah / twisted_lie
To a future self; I guess that makes more sense than trying to go the other way.
Just Be You - rebelray
A letting of go.
Two by Just L This month's top of the page quote and a thoughtful journal entry
Brick walls - lovelace
Sealed with a brick.