"Math is like love -- a simple idea but it can get complicated."
--R. Drabek

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < august 2002 >
It's way too hot outside but the temperature on the Blender is...er...whatever temperature an...abstracted website community..is.

Right! 14 Front Page Picks this month, 614 other works sent in last month, a review of the recently released video "O" and this month's edition is good to go.
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Favorite Quote - muryan
Cute two-liner, an email to a guy that muryan "wanted to date, but never did".

medusa - lupschada
Stoned romance. I think the two last stanzas work well; very dark and moody and stonelike.

Saboteur - TJ Holland
You know, lately I've been noticing the sound of my own sandals, which is probably why this piece caught my attention, but it is still an interesting dialogue.

To Swing Infinity - Savannah Haze
Longish prose piece, adolescent memories. The last sentence is a little forced, but it's a terrific slice of life.

Family Reunion - Liz
Family can be blunt, emphasizing a note of uncertainty here.

"Air Studios Montserrat" - B.K.
A bit of intrigue in 55 words (55 words being a form people have been experimenting with here lately.)

Other Means - Ali
A well-crafted meditation on memory.

Scars - kylie
A diary entry after an encounter with an ex...sometimes a little hard to follow, but I'm a sucker for any Sarah Vaughn reference, after hearing her cover of 'Round Midnight.

Mermaid Memory - Gudkarma
A multimedia piece (including an offsite link to an audio version.) I'm struck by the illustration, which has overtones of a mermaid out of her element, though the euphemisms in the text stick a bit.

Just A Quote - Amethyst
Sun and moon quote.

foreva - Jon
Cute phone conversation. It's good if you can think of stuff like this on your feet.

Randy Crawford - wolfscreamer
Rambling stream of consciousness.

eager overachiever - Misti
Sex driven poem, written in July of 1999.

Her Hair - Entropy
Amazing how a detail can get stuck in your mind. There's this one detergent scent that I associate with a certain set of bed linens that still demands my attention, 8 years later.

Blender Review: O
The movie "O", now out on video/dvd, a retooling of Shakespeare's Othello.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
614 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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