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Username:Savannah Haze
Member Since:Sat May 5 18:58:14 2001
E-mail:superedna at hotmail dot com
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The Fan 2007 Sep 17
         It's not that I personally have anything against football, I guess I'm just jealous
Letters Let Her Go 2007 Jul 27
         Since they'll never receive them, I'll share with you
Pretty Girl (Not A) 2007 Jul 14
         I wish I didn't know...
Flake 2007 Apr 06
         Love is warped to say the least
Red Door 2006 Sep 10
         Short and bittersweet
The Songwriter 2006 Aug 26
         For some reason my corrections didn't take. Let's try ONE MORE TIME.
The Songwriter 2006 Aug 26
         CORRECTED: A grab bag of literary influences, with great thanks to Mr. Vonnegut's diction.
Songwriter 2006 Aug 26
         A grab back of literary influences, with great thanks to Mr. Vonnegut's diction.
About Last Night 2006 Aug 08
         If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghost--Counting Crows
Flake 2006 Apr 23
         Nothing mushy... not my most "PG" work
He Ain't You 2005 Sep 23
         The cadence is a bit off because it's meant to be put to music. Hopefully you can find the beat.
Vivian 2005 Sep 21
Grooves 2005 Sep 21
Keep enemies closer 2005 Sep 14
         I can be jealous.
God Blessed the Broken Road (by Rascal Flatts) 2005 Sep 07
         This is an absolutely beautiful song.
Bathroom Indiscretion 2005 Aug 26
         Just pissed off.
Just We 2005 Aug 21
         Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Mmm, mmm... I had a happy afternoon.
Untitled conversation 2005 Jul 26
         This was part of a recorded conversation between a lover and me years ago.
Love Me to Sleep 2005 Jul 26
         My father started ths song before I was born. I finished it and told it from the perspective of a woman.
A Poem for You 2005 Jul 26
         I wrote this as a love letter to my students, to help them understand why I CHOOSE to teach them
I Miss 2005 Jul 26
         The beginnings of a song...
grocery store conversation 2005 Apr 18
         semi autobiographical ramble
Two years later 2004 Nov 08
         This is from exactly two years ago. Sadly, little has changed
maybe 2004 Aug 01
nameless 2004 Jul 23
sunday drive 2004 Jul 12
Breath 2004 Jul 06
The Scared Girl 2004 Jul 06
unfaithful 2004 Jul 06
Waffle House Romance 2004 Jul 01
         *Sigh* college days....
Music Ramble 2004 Jul 01
         Actually inspired by an actual conversaion. (And that's just sad)
Red, White and Blue Christmas 2004 Jul 01
         I actually wrote a couple of Chritmases ago and have never shared it. I never imagined then that it would still be so incredibly relevant.
Overflowing 2004 Jul 01
         A songI wrote for my husband. Not my most eloquent but I actually mean every word. Includes the note i left him when I gave it to him.
Two Angels 2004 Jul 01
         Not about romantic love, but about a mother's love for her daughter.
Autumn Leaves 2004 Jul 01
         Might have posted this before. Came across it today and wanted to share.
Early X-mas List 2003 Oct 26
         frustrated, frustrated, frustrated
Autumn Leaves 2003 Oct 08
         A sad song for a sad time of year for me
to d.e.a. 2003 Apr 10
crutch 2003 Apr 10
         a bitter old song
Home 2002 Dec 27
         I am so homesick. This IS love. Unconditional love, though not in its traditional sense.
Faded 2002 Nov 05
         I just love my husband.
mother knows 2002 Nov 05
         Now that I don't have to worry about mom walking in...
36 days 2002 Oct 14
         I miss those nights parked in a field
Even after 2002 Sep 06
         I found this written on a napkin... from two years ago!
Don't 2002 Aug 24
         A little song I wrote about a man I loved who loved me back but loved his music mroe.
A letter 2002 Aug 11
         I'm waiting for a reply from him...
long after 2002 Aug 11
         An old love is reincarnated
into the red abyss 2002 Aug 05
         being at the end of your rope may be the start of something spectacular, spectacular
simple addition 2002 Aug 02
         He doesn't care that I chew my nails; I don't care if he burps and doesn't excuse himself
senses 2002 Aug 01
Pretty Women Ruined My Life 2002 Jul 25
         My next installment of placing blame on anyone and everyone but myself. The movies were only the beginning...
To Swing Infinity 2002 Jul 25
         A writing assignment given to me some years back... a bit long...
untitled (by A former flame...) 2002 Jul 25
         Though the relationship soured, i got this sweet little poem for Valentines one year.
Hollywood ruined my love life 2002 Jul 22
         veni, vene, VENTING! :)
unfeeling right 2002 Jul 11
         so much anxiety right now
Another show, a longer look 2002 May 19
         My only poem to make the front page was called "Second glances at the last show" I saw him again almost a year later.
you'll live 2002 May 19
         sometimes breakups don't bother me.
Untitled 2002 Mar 25
         on the radio
Waiting Room 2002 Jan 22
         I wrote this today as I sat in the waiting room
54 2002 Jan 13
         but i'm not bitter
Reinventing Bob- Scene Ten 2001 Jul 16
         Here's the new installment. I promise this won't stay depressing.
Italian Princess 2001 Jul 12
         Okay, to prove how much I like everyone, I'll share a poem I found in a journal while packing to move. This one is dated 1992 which means I was possibly 13, probably 12. Talk about DRAMATIC! I thought everyone could use a chuckle at my childhood "soap opera." This one was inspired by me not being able to date an "older guy" (hey, he was "ONLY" 16!) I fear I'll pay for my raising :)
Early Morning Smokes (by Jeremy Issac) 2001 Jul 12
         This was a writing assignment in an upper level writing class. We were asked to write a "modern sonnet." This was a classmate's contribution
Reinventing Bob- Scene Nine 2001 Jul 11
         Here it goes again... don't know where I'm going after this. Let me know what you think.
Seagull (by C.W.) 2001 Jul 06
         This was in a folder of pieces my classmates wrote... never got the meaning? maybe you can figure it out.
Homecoming 2001 Jun 28
         You can't be crazy if you're living for something. Most don't have that much. This was the child of a nightmare.
Reinventing Bob- Scene Seven 2001 Jun 27
         We're back to the present with the (again) reunited Allie and Michael
Reinventing Bob- Scene Six, Part Two 2001 Jun 25
         Allie's response to I love you.
Reinventing Bob- Scene Six 2001 Jun 22
         Things heat up
Reinventing Bob- Scene Five 2001 Jun 20
         The three year reunion continues
Reinventing Bob- Scene Four 2001 Jun 14
         Here's the next installment. Needed a break after #3...
Reinventing Bob (Scene Three) 2001 Jun 12
         This one hurt to write.
Reinventing Bob (Scene 2) 2001 Jun 11
         Next installment... have no idea where it's going
Reinventing Bob (Scene One) 2001 Jun 10
         Kinda long...I've never done this before... bear with me.
Joke 2001 Jun 10
         a point of clarity from years ago
FINALLY (by Savannah Haze) 2001 Jun 01
         Just had to celebrate
second glances at the last show (by Savannah Haze) 2001 May 05
         What i thought would happen but hoped would not

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