"And when I say love I mean dizzy, frustrated and sick.
Love is just easier to say." --Kristin Kennedy
Blender of Love Digest January 2002

What's New, Year?

2002 is upon us...a good year for people named Otto, Bob, and Ana. I think we all hope for a year less eventful than the last.

The Blender received many good pieces this past holiday season, and 14 of my favorites are there on the right. There was a bit of a fracas on the Blender Board as well, but things have calmed down, and the Blender Community continues to show its resiliency. This month we also have a little review of a great French flick, Amélie.

Have a terrific year!

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Escape Via a Successful Chain Restaurant
Hug Me
Two by Misti. "I don't think she's ever been wistful" is a great line. (I think too few poems get beyond "you" and "I".)
No Questions Asked By TJ Holland.
The challenge of introspection.
Hard Candy Christmas By Dolly Parton.
Submitted by sweetness. Nice wistful lyric.
Lonestar State By MichaelT(gone country).
...and after the Parton piece, more on country music. Good blend of nice form with use of details, though the end has a touch of shmaltz.
A Truth By Pablo Neruda.
Submitted by TaintedOne, 8 words on the problem of past romance.
Kristin's Quote By Kristin Kennedy.
This month's top quote, submitted by BlueDenim. 17 words on the problem of current romance.
uncomplicate me By Madison.
The desire expressed in the title is really thought provoking.
picking him By twinkle.
Coffee and uncertainty.
A Different Man By Laurel Ahlfeld.
Coffee and too much certainty.
Alpha Male By Echolocation.
Heh. As a decidedly non-alpha-male type, I got a kick out of this one. Clever.
The Darkest Night By Rhetoric.
Elegant in its simplicity.
Love As Self-Interest By Thornton Wilder.
Submitted by One Nut Jim. He's been the center of a lot of attention on the board, but he did find this viewpoint.
i left you too By dev0n.
Putting each other together after the break up.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
421 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Featured Review
Amélie of Montmarte, a beautiful romantic french film.
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