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Me ... The Velveteen Rabbit (by Lilla) 2010 Jul 06
         ... how does it feel to be Real? ...
lilla says goodbye (by Lilla) 2009 May 26
         hats off to Kirk!
Not Me. (by Lilla) 2009 May 19
         ay mali.... mali uli .... mali na naman ... mali agad.
jusz happi (by Lilla) 2009 May 19
         I won't go, And I won't sleep, And I can't breathe ...
rekindles (by Lilla) 2009 May 18
         old friendship, old flames, old love
♥♥♥♥♥♥craZybeautiFul qUotes♥♥♥♥♥♥ (by me and my friends) 2009 May 16
         ahhhh life
another brick in the wall (by Lilla) 2009 May 11
         you don't break what you don't like
Mark (by G. Radner) 2009 May 09
         My DeLicioUs ambiguity
closed coffin (by Lilla) 2009 May 06
         Hali's replacement 'ei
crossed my heart (by Lilla) 2009 May 04
         ... not into me
Love is ... (by Lilla) 2009 May 01
         found and lost
Love as a prostitute (by Lilla) 2009 May 01
         ... and giving it a bad name
closing cycles? (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 24
         blame it on the rain ...
In Between Daze (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 23
         my post-birthday poem ... too tipsy to post on time :)
my definition of Forever (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 18
         ... why then ... this...?
in seance (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 16
         ... am sorry.
The Nothing. (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 14
         i miss you. and but you won't see me again. it's alright.
"Good Grief!" sez Charlie Brown (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 12
         clearly, clearly i remember ...
Alive (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 10
         bumping :)
breathe again (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 10
         i was shut down but ready to re-boot now
a DIstance called heaven (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 07
         ... sometimes it's better to Stay Away.
Twelve (by Lilla) 2009 Apr 01
         April Fool's was my 1st year away ...
dreamcatcher (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 28
         ...saving the best for last
Something Hanes. (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 23
         ...lemme tell you now ...
Gone's here (by something from eccentro mania) 2009 Mar 21
ellipsis overdose (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 18
         i misz you baby, but i have to... kites and toy balloons. (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 16
         ...get married na, huh.
cheesecake (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 16
         ... passing the ultimate marshmallow test in flyin' colors
Jollibee (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 06
         sending you love and my best wishes
Tomorrow They Will Kisz (like mango sprinkled with chili) (by Lilla) 2009 Mar 03
         Is there such a thing as a redemptive kiss capable of reconciling “Almost Lovers”, time, space?
Sophie (by Dawna M. (that part)) 2009 Mar 01
         each time i see her ... all part of it .. i feel like ... i kinda doin a Very good job.
quicksand and paradise (by Lilla) 2009 Feb 23
         ...takin on Harem's challenge ;)
Script (by Lilla) 2009 Feb 21
         Happy Valentines, baby.
Enough (by Lilla) 2009 Feb 19
         "I will always stay in love this way with U, baby."
The Simple Complex (by Lilla) 2009 Feb 15
         ... green over black camisole
BreakEven (by script) 2009 Feb 06
         breakin' point
To Love and Leave (by Lilla) 2009 Jan 22
The Dresden Flame (by Lilla) 2009 Jan 19
         love nonetheless, love always
Anything Less Than Mad Love Is A Waste Of Your Time (by Leah S. Casta) 2009 Jan 18
         (... that's the reason why am trying to get another crack at it ... am decided ...not to settle with second best.)
A Love Story (by Lilla) 2009 Jan 17
bus wreck (by Lilla) 2009 Jan 14
         ...burning all the way home, try to put it to bed but it chases ...
Baaah baaah black sheep, have you any truth (by Lilla) 2009 Jan 14
         the perfect rhyme
there lies beneath The Grave ~~~ UnMarkeD (by Unknown from YL) 2008 Dec 28
         ... I don't Mean a thing.
Watching U Shine (by Lilla) 2008 Dec 23
         something waitin' to happen
Happy (by Lilla) 2008 Dec 20
         ... somewhere from Jessica Stein i could not quote right ..but the thought's there.
hangover (by Lilla) 2008 Dec 17
         ...a lingering memory
I am She (by Lilla) 2008 Dec 09
         She and You
i jusz died in your arms that night (by Lilla) 2008 Dec 05
         ...clearly i remember
I hope you realized ... (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 30
         I jusz thought i have a good excuZe, it's your birthday anyway :) ... and your silence meant "Youre wrong! I dont love you! Go away!"
prelude to goodbye (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 29
         that was one happy ride ...
My OST (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 28
         how some danceable song could really be tearjerkin' mean huh
that question i never asked (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 25
         my friends are still with you ... they have my number
diddoooo (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 21
         i mean, he's home and he's jusz my best friend . it's you baby, am in love with. so dont sweat.
Clay (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 19
         am juz sayin' ... i wanna make pots with you baby
restless (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 18
         i need answers, too.
Marked™ (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 12
         ...what matters most.
brain drain (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 11
         la la la means ...
It's the snow, actually. (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 03
         Responsorial Psalm II
eXcuse me, your slip is showin' (by Lilla) 2008 Nov 01
         crEEpy haLLow!
Break (by Lilla) 2008 Oct 28
         i remember you once said "... you hurt the ones you love." I'd say, "Baby, you are Very Very wrong about that."
responsorial psalm (by Lilla) 2008 Oct 19
         this Friday pwede na ba?
a certain calm (by Lilla) 2008 Oct 07
         .... mutatin' The Corrs ... and a bit of Amos
when tables turn, hearts get broken (by Lilla) 2008 Oct 03
Anonymous (by eyes without a face) 2008 Sep 22
         thank you whoever you are
a stormy summer melts the snow™ (by Lilla) 2008 Sep 18
         a movie scene, one borrowed line, and a river of tears
Flat Lines (by Lilla) 2008 Sep 10
         they were right from the beginning
This Love (by GerryBoy) 2008 Aug 31
         we live in a craZy world, se'z he.
stain (by Lilla) 2008 Aug 27
         U and Me
On Trusting Again (by Lilla) 2008 Aug 13
         isnt it funny to go on loving someone you don't know how to trust again
on Forgiveness (by Lilla) 2008 Aug 11
         Be well. Be happy.
piXietales (by Lilla) 2008 Aug 04
         ... exist in storybooks nobody buys anymore.
veni, vidi, and broke into pieces (by Lilla) 2008 Aug 03
         the unforgiveness of us
kaibigan (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 31
         'am sorry am gone.
k'ramri (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 29
         this put a smile on my face, and some kinda sadness, too
a View to a kill (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 29
         getting used of what Im already used to
a View to a kill (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 29
         getting used of what Im already used to
pyreXia (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 21
         Officially Miszin' My Baby Marky
The Parody of Faith (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 17
         (this is probably "subliminal" in the Bible)
The virtues of life are simple. (I pass this on to Sophie) (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 09
         better to trust a stranger, than a friend or lover who was once trusted and then ...
kisz me hard (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 07
         congratulations to your promotion.ive always believed in you.make this baby proud. amisssshuuu peach!
Colorado burning. (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 02
         ...when hope nosedives.
a bucket of Empty (by Lilla) 2008 Jul 02
         Ikke indbyrdes!
The reciprocal of too much is Zero. (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 30
         Unbearable, baby.
Destine™ (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 24
         yeah, a rarity ;(
you got mail (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 22
         No,no, but there's the dream of someone else :(
unteachable heart (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 19
         try and try until i stop
old love songs make you cry (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 17
         i was sorting old mails ... and found this
water marks (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 16
         i hate reading as much as i hate writing all about these ... the UnUs
Thank God T'was Friday (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 13
         ... i was within the vicinity ... i was tempted ... i took the bus and headed home.
dry Ice on fire (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 11
         strike a Pose!
Unheard (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 04
still born (by Lilla) 2008 Jun 03
         frustration written all over our faces
"better read than heard" (by Bess) 2008 May 26
         ... an inspiration from A Woman of Independent Means
TRUE (by Lilla) 2008 May 26
         definitely, may be
Let's Go (by Lilla) 2008 May 22
         ... dance and have coffee :-* ... then beer ... and make love :-*
WALLOW (by Lilla) 2008 May 17
         ... on a positive angle ... dont you guys think am kinda overdoing optimism :)
Accepted (by Lilla) 2008 May 15
         Acceptance is always positive. Positive is beautiful. Didn't i promise, not to write about Ugly. Its hard in this world, at this time ... but it certainly feels better especially after you click "publish it!"
A Butterfly Kiss (by N. Hawthorne) 2008 May 12
         ... i've always loved butterflies!
GENUINE. (by Lilla) 2008 May 04
         baby wuv where you @?
Dinner, tomorrow. (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 29
         you'll get an invitation ... this time ... for God's sake ... take it. They don't come cheap nowadays ... love that is.
H O P E (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 28
         'am sorry i dunno what to do, too at this time ... but at least baby, U know how much i care about U, and each day Me deliriously wanting to finally be with U ...
climax (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 24
         ...when "anti-climatic" has long passed.
"in a universe of aMbiguity,this kinD of certainty comes onLy once, and never again, no matter how many lifetimes yoU live..." (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 22
         baby, need i say more?
Phoenix Rising (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 21
         ... the Now and the Us... what matters most
thirty-eight candles (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 20
         in retrospect of 37 candles
Always be my babyd™ (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 19
         always lovers ... always babyd™ ...what's with Always,huh?
30 gazillionth lightyears (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 18
         Monday was both our fault ... we remain stupid fools ... lovers in rigor mortis!
almost lovers ALWAYS ... (by A Fine Frenzy) 2008 Apr 16
         i love U still
Love Blends (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 15
         Almost lovers always do.
unforbearing (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 13
         i misz you so much. i know you misz me more even.
Crossover (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 08
         why arnt you here with me
The Butterfly Quilt (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 06
         inspired by MyFayeFaye's birthday :-*
how's my heaven? (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 06
         ...hell's emptier.
i mean this ... i really do (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 03
         Reserved™ for my GreatLastOne™
the heart has reasons ... reasons will never understand. (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 02
         ...sometimes it doesnt make sense anymore.
Pippi Longstocking (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 02
         ..smokin' Bob Marley will look good when seated beside her ;)
when time is more than gold, life is shortest (by Lilla) 2008 Apr 01
         my first day away from each other.
The Li'l Red Haired Girl (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 31
         give me life.
Love Shades (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 29
         a bump to ... ;) :-*
The Butterfly Effect (by Antoine de Saint Exupery) 2008 Mar 29
         a lil twist to the Little Prince
what's with friday ... when its the last (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 28
         i will misz yah baby
(Last) Four days in a lifetime. (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 27
         let's not live with this pain. its not right. this is not the way its supposed to be.
Tuesday's Child (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 24
         livin' up to the monicker :)
LuNA (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 23
         Gee, id be busy after the last LuNA ... no time to waLLow. Im sure to use a friend to tell me if that's good or bad, i mean not to waLLow over my last LuNA ...
Tensionado (by soapdish) 2008 Mar 22
         ...that question we should have asked each other 2 summers ago ... pwede ba? pa ba? kaya? baka? ...sayang kasi. sayang naman. di ba?
(permanently) OFFLINE (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 20
         love the one youre with
She does :) (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 19
         ...last night i had dinner with voltes 4 ... and so this
Wednesday (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 19
         wakin' up beside you
Close it. (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 17
         no talk. no us. am sorry baby this hits me by the day.
Kiss Me (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 14
         make me believe again ... and i will believe again
the end of sidewalks (by Lilla) 2008 Mar 11
         ... when the leaving comes hardest
when is it not a crime? (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 27
         ... like a child letting go of her kite.
Embracing the Light (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 27
         ... that tunnel no one dared travel ... sentenced me to die
JOSHEN™ (by Sir James Matthews Barrie ) 2008 Feb 25
         my best dude is now a dadda ...
Some rosy nights gone pitch black (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 24
         wasted, wasteful
stealth (by lilla) 2008 Feb 23
         panindigan mo yan huh
the boy still cries wolf (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 17
         as they say ... if you cant have the one you love, love the one youre with ... how sad huh
desaparecidos (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 14
         Happy valentines day, baby.
Pas plus "Je t'aime" (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 05
         the scent of gYpsy turn ... breaks a heart
Yes, Virginia ... (by Lilla) 2008 Feb 03
         one wisdomful Saturday afternoon with Mareng Gigi
hopscotch (by lilla) 2008 Feb 01
         dont blame me for your choices ... i dont blame you with mine
chUck and the beagle: a love story (by lilla) 2008 Feb 01
         We Will Regret This ... For What We Became ... For What We All Made Out Of Us: The Epitaph
pigeonhole (by lilla) 2008 Jan 24
         the beauty of compartmentalizing
Life's a Dream, Poor Ol' Charlie Brown (by from the eyes of Linus as narrated by **A Deviant) 2008 Jan 20
         ..and to the memoirs of the li'l red haired girl who ne'er really had the chance to live.
tongue twisted ... and tied 2008 Jan 11
         ...bite your tongue.
a M r I 2008 Jan 07
         i loved you once, needed protection ... and U were never there. NEVER.
remembering NEVER™ (by Lilla) 2008 Jan 05
         clearly i remember ... i was in Bistro they were in Marina
... that aint love baby 2008 Jan 05
         jusz seX ... plain seX
some kinda beautiFul 2008 Jan 05
         Queen of Wishful Thinkin'
panic attacks*** 2008 Jan 03
         sigh ... sigh .. sigh ...
panic attacks*** (by lilla) 2008 Jan 03
         sigh ... sigh ... sigh ...
God sez 2008 Jan 02
         my preference not his
The Untold Story of Charles Brown (by T. Johnson) 2007 Dec 29
         ... my love affair with Chuck begins tonight, too.
stillbirth 2007 Dec 29
         the World's worst break-up ... is that one restrained ... unrequitted.
It's complicated™ 2007 Dec 25
         ... moments that make me hate Christmas.
when much is lesz 2007 Dec 18
         for someone who been hurt too much (and not lesz)
Turning My Safety Off (by MyFayeFaye's song for her ate nena and kuya tintoy :( (...a taste of Philippine Indie)) 2007 Dec 18
a butterfly's life is short and beautiful 2007 Dec 13
         embrace it!
now i rest my wings 2007 Dec 12
         i let go of you like a child letting go of a much loved butterfly i hold tenderly in my weary hand
What makes you Happy can't be Wrong*** 2007 Dec 09
         ... the 32nd line this time :)
absolute ALONE™ 2007 Dec 04
         isang araw gusto ko lang .... sumigaw
hot and chaste 2007 Dec 01
         .... typos!!!! with lil but very important correction
hot and chaste 2007 Dec 01
         .... am OK with my temporal celibacy ... go on ... what you do
         a lil clarification to cap mybabydanes™ candle 32
faithfully (by Rogers & Keating) 2007 Nov 30
         ('ama alchemist these days ... mutating love songs ... forgive me)
thirty-two candles*** 2007 Nov 30
         ... all about U
my first untitled 2007 Nov 29
         ... just askin' if it is finally gonna be.
Tillykke med fodselsdagen mit dansk cookie 2007 Nov 29
         ...last too many
been there and gone 2007 Nov 27
         tama ka ... sabi nga din nila ... you made this very clear from the start ... i jusz was ... gee ... mistaken ... (forget it.)
been there and gone 2007 Nov 27
         tama ka ... sabi nga din nila ... you made this very clear from the start ... i jusz was ... gee ... mistaken ... (forget it.)
sleeplesz 2007 Nov 26
         ...we are each others Thieves.
gYpsyfaerie in butterFly wingZ (by (...a billy joel song, actually) ) 2007 Nov 24
         better said, than heard
break our fall (by getting a life together.) 2007 Nov 19
... I NEED TO GET THERE 2007 Nov 03
         ... when its been EONS ... and am still stuck HERE.
heLL iz perFect 2007 Oct 31
         mess was created from day 1 ... that was intentional ... sad but true
'too tired of "good times" 2007 Oct 30
         of course I know (a response to orange.skye's bulletin)
My LoveStory with my Real Baby 2007 Oct 29
         ...chessy is better that this
and i love you so, people ask me why* 2007 Oct 16
         if i tell my reasons, the askings will never stop
and i love you so, peope ask me why* 2007 Oct 16
         if i tell my reasons, the askings will never stop
imprints 2007 Oct 15
         nothing leaves without a trace but a memory of ....
this gYpsy's liFe 2007 Oct 14
         'lovin it!
i love you not. i love you still. 2007 Oct 09
         who knows, you might miss me,too.
One day A Message from Me to You ... in Your Mailbox This Time 2007 Oct 08
         i know you're never here,i know too somehow this will reach you
In Memoriam: that never was 2007 Oct 08
         In true love there's no such thing as too late. Same with moving on.
a drink with God 2007 Oct 02
         ..He gives me a toast each time
guni-guni 2007 Sep 24
         my 2nd prose in Filipino ... i think am doin' jusz fine
tenacious reality 2007 Sep 24
         a month after the year after
nasaan 2007 Sep 20
         true friends are like diamonds, precious & rare, untrue ones are like common stones, found in drinking tables.
funny moments with my lil gurl 2007 Sep 20
         hayyy typos
funny moments with my lil gurl 2007 Sep 20
         siguro sabi ng bata - - - mom ko talaga pasaway he he
not this (that) time ... baby (by cultured pearls) 2007 Sep 18
         this was all i wanted to have in summer of 2006
orange skyes 2007 Sep 18
         she's having his baby
baby love 2007 Sep 10
         jusz correctin' some typo... Wenggay kasi eh minamadali akong umuwi,yan tuloy hump!
baby love 2007 Sep 10
         there is a problem ...
ironic 2007 Sep 09
         is this my goodbye?
bus rides are painful 2007 Sep 08
         this could be beautiFul, i know, i just know
of ellipses ... and periods. 2007 Sep 01
         ohhh sweet eventuallys
2006 september america 2007 Sep 01
         ... a suitcase full of regrets
bloodshot 2007 Aug 25
         how then?
ashfall. 2007 Aug 24
         the science of scarcity
ashfall. 2007 Aug 24
         the science of scarcity
i love you, silly 2007 Aug 22
         ...and i misz you so much baby
tomorrow we will kiss 2007 Aug 21
         sunsets are lovely, arent they?
when hungry strikes 2007 Aug 18
         lilla's entry to savana haze's bid to summer, my bid to my love, MDLU
when hungry strikes 2007 Aug 18
         lilla's entry to savana haze's bid to summer, my bid to my love, MDLU
firewatch 2007 Aug 15
         account withdrawal
baby wish 2007 Aug 09
         am sorry that the leavin's takin' awhile
the idea of love 2007 Aug 06
         the conspiracy theory
i dunno why love should break us this way 2007 Aug 05
         he's got 3 birthdates, he still wears a mask,that same mask that didnt help me.i love him still.
changing season 2007 Jul 31
mean goodbye 2007 Jul 29
         now is the time
i am his Yuna, but he aint my Tidus (by imagine love in orange.skye) 2007 Jul 09
         from my significant friend GerryBoy
that place beautiFul 2007 Jul 05
         terribly misplaced
that place beautiFul 2007 Jul 05
         terribly misplaced
gYpsy burial 2007 Jul 02
capsulated 2007 Jul 02
         my response to Mauie's blushing on GerryBoy's ...
A DREAM IN THE NIGHT (by Mc~Katia ) 2007 Jul 01
         my friend, my lover
Si G nif I cant Us (by lilla) 2007 Jun 27
         ...i look at the skye and see it lovely orange
gypsy turns 2007 Jun 25
         this is never gonna be easy
great life always 2007 Jun 22
         i love this life, actually
i'll get there 2007 Jun 22
my purple life (by Ms Jenny Joseph) 2007 Jun 21
         this is how i wanna be so @ 37, am jusz practisin' - - - EMBRACE IT! ;)
words don't come easy 2007 Jun 18
         i forgive you. let's try this again.
rapture 2007 Jun 08
         i tried again ... and U did the same again
how to kill a butterly 2007 Jun 06
         ...a few important corrections ;(
how do you kill a butterfly? 2007 Jun 05
         U brought them to my garden and they killed HOPE
Our Fight with Reality 2007 Jun 03
         happy together is the only way to win over this
"talk about confusion" (in memoriam) 2007 Jun 03
         now tables are turned
daneVi 2007 May 28
         you need the savin' not me .... only God saves
a few questions to DrunkenLobotomist's Bike 2007 May 25
         hypotheticals make a cat
aftertaste 2007 May 15
         a suitcase full of regrets
come down to me (by saving jane) 2007 May 11
         my song for my baby danes
sweet and easy 2007 Apr 28
         I know this one hurts --- it was meant to.
what the... ;( 2007 Apr 27
         foolish and painfully funny
...the loving comes easy, the leaving comes hard. 2007 Apr 20
         a rectraction from "im leaving", 07 April 07
this is it 2007 Apr 13
         here it goes
i'm leaving 2007 Apr 07
         it hurts to go,it hurts to stay
lost 2007 Apr 05
         tell me babe so i could lead you on to a better place for us instead of your unknown destination and me getting' lost with that
persephonic 2007 Apr 02
         coming back for you, babe
i don't know 2007 Mar 20
         i don't understand it myself, so please stop askin' why
Queen BITCH (by shannon & lilla) 2007 Mar 08
         eat your hearts our out
the most painful goodbye 2007 Mar 07
         sayang ... i was savin' everything for you ... that blitzkrieg makin' love ... this hungry kisz ... myself. sayang talaga
eeyore's tale (by shannon) 2007 Mar 02
Picture this 2007 Feb 21
         ...i will be admitted,depending on how i react to medication, i promise to bounce back, when i do, let's be ready, baby, to paint this picture.
sweet dreams 2007 Feb 21
         makin' love in our dreams .... takes us there baby ... it just hurts from time to time though
here's to us baby 2007 Feb 20
         a painful lesson "me and you" are going thru right now
the last lines were mine 2007 Feb 13 too excited .... this is supposed to be my way of greeting myBaby, happy valentines
the last lines were mine 2007 Feb 13
         kisz the sky. catch a fire. dance in the rain,.
gysophilia in killer snow 2007 Feb 08
         you got what you wanted baby
dreamcatching 2007 Jan 16
Quilted Us 2007 Jan 09
         broken lines of songs
some TRUTHS 2006 Dec 04
         ...if youd just tell me Gerry was wrong ... i promise to believe you babe
some TRUTHS 2006 Dec 04
         ...if youd just tell me Gerry was wrong ... i promise to believe you babe
Mistaken. Mistaken Again. Mistaken Always. 2006 Nov 14
         the sad truth is ---- you never loved me
Why does it seem that you hate me, and why does it seem that I am angry at you 2006 Nov 11
         haunting .... hurting us both
It didn’t snow in Denver. 2006 Nov 06
         be careful what you wished for, be afraid for what you didn't
dead end on dark alleys than crossroads in wide highways 2006 Sep 02
         im sorry if i confused you but let me tell you this one last time, you did confuse me, too. (YOU remember this line very well)
"sad souls grab any toy to make themselves sadder." 2006 Sep 02
         him --- whom I care about so deeply does not deserve me. that hurts.
sunglasses, cold showers, smoky eyes, pavement cracks 2006 Sep 01
         my journey ends here and now
sunglasses, cold showers, smoky eyes, pavement cracks 2006 Sep 01
         my journey ends here and now
Bounce 2006 Aug 16
         my closing clycle
sleeps with butterflies (by tori amos) 2006 Jun 09
         my song for my baby Mark
i dont swear 2006 May 30
         not true what u think of
i dont swear 2006 May 29
         not true what u think of
broken smile 2006 May 24
         what happened now
broken smile 2006 May 24
         what happened now
surrealization 2006 May 19
         need it, need you, badly now, here. please be quick.
Dont Blame the Rain 2006 May 16
         what difference does it make now?
of loves and friendships 2006 May 13
         this ones killing me
Suffering Stupid 2006 May 11
         i miss you so much
some Thursday night (May 4, 2006) 2006 May 11
         your closing cycle
it will never be the same again 2006 Apr 25
         i was wrong this time
shadow boxing 2006 Apr 18
         throwing punches in the air
talk about confusion 2006 Apr 12
         i was right from the beginning
i was right from the beginning 2006 Apr 12
watch it fade 2006 Apr 11
         getting lost in some dreamy circles
that one chance 2006 Apr 10
Back to me 2004 Jul 12
Talking to myself 2003 Sep 05
         Too bad. Too late.
You are what you think (by Unknown) 2003 Aug 01
Tearing down the Berlin Wall 2003 Jul 22
         .... why not :)
Reality Check (by Anonymous) 2003 Jun 09
         It's worth a thought
The end of a fairy tale 2003 Jun 04
         T'was a tearful journey. Godbye for now.
It doesn't snow in Manila :) 2003 Apr 23
         Are you listening now .....
What's with Friday nights 2003 Apr 05
         To that one night at Bistro, and the other many Fridays without you
MyPurple 2003 Mar 12
         we can be beautiful together
I remain (by Sophie's Mom) 2003 Mar 12
         I don't own you, baby
Prelude to SERENDIPITY 2003 Mar 12
         To my good friends Jenna and Benj
Envisage 2003 Mar 12
         It's good to dream, and BTW, it free of charge :)
         love-hate with destiny ( i wanted to write this in "Filipino-English" but I am afraid it couldn't be understood in its full meaning and I wanted so much to share this with you guys
"Birds in cages sing of freedom, birds in freedom fly" (by Sophie's Mom) 2003 Mar 10
         One of my many journeys with Sophie
moons (by Butterfly) 2003 Mar 07
         ....when I thought I'll never get by from your lost. but it's been 10 years. I have lived to tell this tale.
Life is a box of choc'lates..... (by Butterfly) 2003 Mar 07
         It's good to be Forrest Gump. But it feels good, too make mistakes, too.
28th of March (by Butterfly) 2003 Mar 07
         My poem for Superman when he first left me 10 years back
It Rains on Summer (by Butterfly) 2003 Mar 07
         In memory of Superman
Haunted (by Lilla) 2003 Mar 07
blue sheets 2003 Feb 27
         we may look in other ways, take different paths.just the same,we'll end up in that same road.we cannot argue with destiny.
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY (2002) (by Sophie's Mom) 2003 Feb 26
Dont (by Lilla) 2003 Feb 18
Silhoutte (by Lilla) 2003 Feb 18

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