"He was the kind of guy you could write home about...
if your parents were into booze, drugs and cheap sex..."
--Stephanie Piro

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < october 2003 >
Here we are, 'neath the cover of October Skies, there's a nip in the air and summer has almost completely sulked away, vowing to be back some time...

This month sports the most interesting Feature that we've had in a year: Eight Works by Jason Pettus, an excellent Chicago-based writer who has graced us with a selection of some of his favorite works, along with a few background notes. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Of course, we have our usual very strong selection of Front Page Picks, some of the best writing over the past month. Read and Enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

What Swimming Pools Are To Me - Lydia
Wow...I find something absolutely remarkable in the final line of this work, and I'm not even sure quite what, exactly.

a moment to remember - libs0813
I've heard that a recent poll says that many people think the age of 26 marks the begining of "real adulthood". That thought makes this work that much more poignant...

from "Love Me" - Garrison Keillor
From last month's Featured Review, a passage on reconciliation.

from "Birds of America" - Lorrie Moore
On love affairs and raccoons in the chimney

Altered Me - Maggie, Insense82
I think I might know what it's like to have that 'broken' feeling described here.

Baby's Gone Away - Corinna
This piece has a great blues-y, lyrical quality.

Checkmate - darwin
You hear about relationships that are like chess games, but this prose work describes a situation maybe not quite that bad...

first kiss - bp
The "confessions of a seventeen year old male virgin".

Two by Chances. One poetry, the other prose, but they both have great closing lines in common.

Kiss-Zen - B.K.
All I can say is, '   '.

Tangled Silver
Smoke within Water
Two by Ali. Both with a good feeling of strucutural complexity.

Imagery - Rhetoric
Great sense imagery.

best sex i never had - angieubaldo
Anxious longing.

To be truly smiled for. - Blue Song
More longing.

Done Wrong - Ani Difranco
Song lyrics posted by Meredith. Ani is really worth seeking out on CD.

Wine and Sympathy
Not You
Two by Athena. The first is an uncredited bump to Jar of Clay's Tea And Sympathy, the second one of those "I swear I'd never say that" situations.

Desktop wallpaper
Ice cream daydreams
Two by CordovaGirl, who has a gift for describing how inanimate objects can sometimes reflect our inner lives.

The Life of Riley - Misti
"Short short story" by Misti, with her gift for some of the dark parts of romance.

Featured Artist Selection
8 Works by Jasson Pettus. Really great reading!

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271 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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