"You can be alone and not be pathetic. But it's hard, especially if you can't stay away from sad songs and margaritas."
--Misti Velvet Rainwater

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < june 2004 >
Aagh! My lowerback is kaput! Dang it, I needed that part of my anatomy...

Well, I have overcome my physical agonies and tribulations to pull together another issue of the Blender of Love digest. And thanks to all the great stuff sent in, it makes for some terrific reading indeed.
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Also, this month's feature is a bit of a hybrid: half-review (of Terrence Real's excellent couples therapy book "How Can I Get Through To You?"), half-extremely introspective ramble of a Blender-Keeper who's had his heart broken but is making good time.
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Questions in the Dark - alabama
Beautiful, lyrical.

Wildflower - Irongirl
Irongirl and another one of her amazing slices of life.

Promised Land - ladyinwaiting
Nifty closing.

Of Innocence - Chances
When to what-if, when not to.

Wedding Vow - The Ruckus Girls
Submitted by stack. "Alternate wedding vows" -- I love 'em!

all you need is... - darwin
I knew this was a pick after reading the first name-dropping (well, line-dropping) line...luckily the rest of it was no let-down.

Wishes II - Jen
Submitted by jiva55. I could identify with some of these wishes.

flying (sans typo)
Making the List...
thirteen hundred hours
Three amazing pieces by chris.

Moody Bitch
Two prose works by Misti benefiting from her eye for details.

One For My Baby
One more for the road
Two by jwb71913, A real gift for storytelling.

Drunk Guy - angieubaldo
A tale of "Cheap Validation".

Quotes from Farscape - Farscape
Quotes from the scifi show.

Untitled - Akash
The carved block.

NONE TOO SOON - RennieLorca
Drawn to the rhythm.

It's O.K. - B.K.

Blender Featured Ramble and Review
Terrence Real's "How Can I Get Through To You" and the heartbreak of the Blender-Keeper.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
220 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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