"Love is like a can of paint.
It smells great when it's fresh.
It can change the color of most anything.
You just gotta scrape the dirt off first or it ain't gonna stick long."
--Maura, Diesel Sweeties

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < may 2005 >
May is here, and Spring is creeping its chilly, rainy way into Boston.

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A fine selection of works were sent to the Blender last month, and 15 of them are hand-selected by your friendly Blender-Keeper for your reading enjoyment below.

This month's feature is a review and selection from one of the finest webcomics out there, Diesel Sweeties.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Quotes from Mistiís Poetry - MVR
Submitted by scqueen. scqueen has made this collection of excerpts from misti's works...misti currently holds the record for most "Front Page Picks", 40 to date. I think assembling this collection says a lot of positive things about both people.

april, fooled. - darwin
Lovely seasonal work from the begining of last month.

Iíd dance, but the music no longer plays - Star of David
The title reminds me of Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle's "I'd kiss you, but I'm not sure it'd come out right."

Horseshit - jwb71913
Sometimes a guy is so happy he just has to cuss.

squeegie, ruler, cigarette - kluless
Fond of the complaint of the last two lines.

Untitled - iLYd
Exit, stage left.

olev - i'm just him
"i'm just him" uses a lot of street lingo and flow. Something struck me about the simplicity of this one.

grocery store conversation - Savannah Haze
"semi autobiographical ramble".

Could, Should, Would - Ali
"Uh oh, sounds like somebody's got a case of the shouldas!". Nice melancholy work, I really like the opening stanza.

(longing is always shot in imax) - chris
I admire the ability to come up with titles like that.

yummy thoughts of you - aparajita
Margarita Señorita

Quitting Time - darby
Cigarettes, and Whisky, and Wild Wild Women...They'll drive you crazy, they'll drive you insane.

Wild Violets - B.K.
Small work with an interesting rhyme structure.

Changes - Crystal
"Written for Jason". I have no idea why but it's just the word "wine-bar" that first caught my eye.

i like my body when it is with your - E. E. Cummings
Lightly erotic work.

Featured Artist Review
I have to say that Diesel Sweeties rules my online world... Read the Review.

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101 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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