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Waking Up (by aparajita) 2012 May 25
existential cognitive estrangement (by aparajita) 2012 Apr 01
numb, the other four letter word (by aparajita) 2011 Jul 28
dying young quote (by aparajita) 2010 Sep 22
         just read this... mixed emotions ensue
T + D = H (E) (by aparajita) 2010 Aug 31
         never is such a damn long time...
tomorrow looms (by aparajita) 2010 Feb 13
in vino veritas? (by aparajita) 2009 Apr 07
damned exhausted (by aparajita) 2009 Apr 05
         stupid ass margaritas. shouldn't trust them. ever.
parenthetically speaking (by aparajita) 2009 Apr 03
         after months of stone cold silence... sleep now muse, please!
got the tee shirt (by aparajita) 2009 Apr 02
         only adds to the collection in the closet....
statement of fact (by aparajita) 2008 Sep 03
Demeter's Revenge (by aparajita) 2008 Aug 16
         bump to blakey's movie quote; you poked the bear with that one...
damn the night haunts (by aparajita) 2008 May 08
ebb and flow (by aparajita) 2008 Mar 19
canker (by aparajita) 2008 Mar 08
         memories are all we have left sometimes
cravings 2008 Jan 03
love, what a ride: quote (by Franklin P Jones) 2007 Dec 23
ciphering, the easy way 2007 Dec 22
obscurity 2007 Nov 28
concupiscence 2007 Nov 27
filmy dreams 2007 Nov 27
         must be the wine....
thunder within 2007 Nov 21
restless reality 2007 Sep 06
         fall, lovely though it be, brings the early darkness again
one rambling night 2007 Aug 24
bubbly 2007 Aug 24
         magic act: a glass becomes a bottle
muse-ery's 2007 Aug 21
         muse will not shut up today! 2007 Blender End of Summer Challenge
debbie 2007 Aug 21
         for a dear friend, another Blender 2007 End of Summer Writing Challenge
recollections 2007 Aug 21
         Blender 2007 End of Summer Writing Challenge
another broken monday 2007 Aug 06
hair of the dog, this one named leslie (by nazareth) 2007 Jul 29
         even now, and later with alzheimer's i suspect, i will always transport back when i hear this song
apropos horoscope 2007 Jun 01
         today's horoscope for libra
excogitation 2007 May 12
afflicted 2007 Apr 13
reality 2007 Apr 08
love advice... (by william durant) 2007 Jan 04
limpid dreams 2006 Dec 25
         hey santa... can i send you a map for next year??
raw 2006 Dec 19
muted anguish 2006 Dec 08
mired memento mori mine 2006 Dec 06
fall's foreboding 2006 Oct 26
Kisrael Quote on Kissing (by Sir Rudolf Bing) 2006 Oct 10
         from (hope you don't mind kirk! this is too good to not share here)
yearning 2006 Sep 26
drown in my own tears (by ray charles as sang by eva cassidy) 2006 Sep 23
         gotta love the blues...
time heals in it's own way, in time 2006 Sep 12
one is a magic number 2006 Aug 27
         :( *sigh*
bliss is this 2006 Aug 14
         gotta have dreams... and hope
mmm... 2006 Aug 12
longing 2006 Aug 11
         mmmm, gotta love a full moon
rambling thoughts during the rain on a perfectly cloudless sunshiney day 2006 Aug 01
         if fantasy could be reality... not just once but for all time
the 'because' of love quote (by michel montaigne) 2006 Jul 23
         simple really
love has no pride (by bonnie raitt) 2006 Jul 17
         the bonnie raitt collection.... an awesome cd
misplaced trust can break even broken hearts 2006 Jul 13
         so tired
millionaire me, if wishes were quarters 2006 Jul 04
daily rituals 2006 Jun 13
         forever is a really long time
love as a cure quote 2006 Jun 07
         i want so much to believe again...
Untitled 2006 May 09
nothing can feed the dead 2006 May 07
         bumping wolfscreamer, gently mind you (and not very well)
white horses and sunsets aren't really for real 2006 May 07
alone in atlanta 2006 Apr 29
faithfully waiting 2006 Apr 28
once again 2006 Apr 23
         ...... sigh
nigritude commences 2006 Mar 16
relentless tomorrows 2006 Mar 14
come nightfall 2006 Mar 08
star gazing 2006 Feb 19
         random muse thoughts...
satisfying skit 2006 Jan 29
a silence solid enough to touch 2006 Jan 15
just to hear your voice 2005 Dec 24
         sweet sweet agony... finally giving in to temptation worked. this time.
selfish fanciful dreams 2005 Dec 14
         it is full moon time again...
hypoxic 2005 Dec 13
an epiphany with a caveat 2005 Dec 09
         i think i can, i think i can, i think i can...
the secretive smile of a woman 2005 Nov 26
the loneliness of enlightenment 2005 Oct 31
addicted (by kelly clarkson (cd 'breakaway')) 2005 Oct 07
         this song has just captured and consumed me. for mw, this explains it all
fall's disquiettude 2005 Oct 04
         another season of discontent??
the paradox of wanting, desiring, and needing 2005 Oct 01
when lust takes control of the situation 2005 Aug 23
         just some random muse thoughts...
simple why (by Michel de Montaigne) 2005 Aug 23
the slow seduction of me 2005 Aug 12
         memories will have to be enough apparently...
good news, bad news 2005 Aug 12
alone in a crowd 2005 Jul 29
lather, rinse, repeat 2005 Jul 17
in the eyes of love quote 2005 Jul 11
distractions 2005 Jul 06
         wall: a protective barrier
fireworks 2005 Jul 03
this hurts and this will mend too, in time 2005 Jul 02
         already broken hearts can still break apparently
numb 2005 Jun 07
foolish me 2005 Jun 02
         fine, that's just the way the cookie crumbles
us, simplified 2005 Jun 02
yummy thoughts of you 2005 Apr 23
         yeah, well... saturday nite
i think therefore i drink 2005 Mar 08
         it's a drinking thing, i think...
stormy season 2005 Feb 21
         full moon + lingering winter with barely-there sun = empty lonelies
happiness & love vs chocolate & champagne (by george sand) 2005 Feb 14
         just an observation...
cool observation 2005 Jan 26
Depressed Disposition 2005 Jan 26
         just when i'd thought she'd left me for good, the muse awakens me on my only day to sleep late...
love quote: WILLIAM S BURROUGHS (by william s burroughs) 2004 Nov 08
love quote: MOTHER THERESA (by Mother Theresa) 2004 Nov 08
love quote: H L MENCKEN (by h l mencken) 2004 Nov 08
love quote: UNKNOWN (by unknown) 2004 Nov 08
help me remember, make me forget 2004 Oct 13
         melancholy is not a good color really....
the void 2004 Sep 20
         loving fall, but, feeling winter looming...
danger 2004 Sep 08
         feeling my security being threatened by my fantasies...
drifting 2004 Sep 03
formidable love 2004 Sep 03
         whimsy, pure and simple
quote on happiness 2004 Aug 12
regardless 2004 Aug 04
         bumping kirk's comment on the board
old shoes 2004 Aug 02
         not exactly how i intended... wrote itself another way... must conference with the muse soon
love's power 2004 Jun 27
         stupid typos.... hate them all!
just for tonite 2004 Jun 27
         fiction, pure and simple
love's power 2004 Jun 27
         heard the opening line in a movie... muse grabbed me
dear daddy 2004 Jun 17
knight for a night 2004 Jun 11
         infatuation with a fellow actor in my next play...
i love hating you 2004 Jun 04
a fools continued journey 2004 Jun 04
dance with me 2004 May 18
life with you in review 2004 May 04
life as a blur 2004 May 04
         blame it on the big beautiful full moon tonite
during the rain 2004 Apr 20
movie quote 2004 Apr 20
         Francesca from "Under the Tuscan Sun"
losing 'something' 2004 Apr 12
         bump to wolfscreamer and triciattx
losing 'something' 2004 Apr 12
         bump to wolfscreamer and triciattx
losing 'something' 2004 Apr 12
         bump to wolfscreamer and triciattx
ahhh, spring! 2004 Mar 29
         just a beautiful day today
a bit o' Irish 2004 Mar 22
         Thank God for Spring, and just in time too!
dismal day 2004 Mar 15
she sees sea shells by the seashore 2004 Feb 07
moment of abandon 2004 Feb 07
         taking a ride on the wild side
just let me pretend... 2004 Feb 07
         i thought i needed a vacation alone, to clear my thoughts and my head... did not realize it was from my own desires. yep, they followed!
life sentence 2004 Jan 16
best friend 2004 Jan 14
         just can't live without
lost loved one 2004 Jan 13
         ok, this is strictly for a mid winter chuckle
the woman within 2003 Dec 31
the demon of your memory 2003 Dec 30
         not sure if finding out i am alive is a good thing... flashbacks suck
dessert 2003 Dec 28
         not so dead after all... hmmmmm
missing joy 2003 Dec 26
         finding strength in tomorrow...
Dreams on Christmas Day 2003 Dec 25
         :) *giggle*
Spirit of Christmas 2003 Dec 25
me, the herpetologist by default 2003 Dec 17
         if i have to kiss one more frog, i think i will puke!
revelatory rambles 2003 Dec 14
         sweet release, would that all hurts could come to this fruition... and, soon
A Christmans Poem (by unknown) 2003 Dec 14
         for AJ and all of our Soldiers, friends and family all...this was sent to me by email from my dtr, i thought it worthy
forego the mistletoe 2003 Dec 10
winter blues 2003 Nov 12
White Knight (by savannah smiles) 2003 Nov 02
hunger 2003 Oct 09
         for my friend, MW, God please keep him safe
unmet expectations 2003 Oct 01
         there are definately worse life stages to be in...... coming to grips with this one
to the lab i go 2003 Sep 25
quote 2003 Sep 25
         love is...
here lies... (by aparajita) 2003 Sep 24
         sorry for the re-post, had to fix it
Excerpt 2003 Sep 20
         too much thinking last 2 days, trying to clean closets
gentle submission 2003 Sep 20
         remembering that i love to be compelled into doing something i wanted to do all along
sensuous awakening 2003 Sep 20
         as good as independence can get, there are still times that i miss...
quote 2003 Sep 11
unrequited love 2003 Aug 05
         paradox: i hate love
the mirror 2003 Aug 03
         the muse woke me up with this today, not exactly as she was quoting it this morning... words got lost somewhere at work today.
Untitled (by Ella Wheeler Wilcox) 2003 Jul 18
         so true....
willful suspension of disbelief 2003 Jul 15
in the stillness 2003 Jul 13
Untitled 2003 Jul 12
quote 2003 Jul 12
dreaming 2003 Jun 29
         sure wish the dream lover was real, or that he'd just leave me alone. stop reminding me of what is missing.
stop me 2003 May 08
four leaf clovers 2003 May 07
         what else will i find when i am not even looking... and, will i be able to recognize it?
never surrender 2003 Apr 30
         ok, jim, back at ya
illusions 2003 Apr 30
         for anyone with a dream that's gone awry...
play me 2003 Apr 30
let me touch you 2003 Apr 15
i remember 2003 Mar 31
         this happens every spring
summer thoughts 2003 Mar 30
dogwood haiku 2003 Mar 30
         needed something fun
an open letter to deception 2003 Mar 30
you, always you 2003 Mar 26
         wish someday was here already
hold me 2003 Mar 17
         speaks for itself
i am only me (by ruth bourdon) 2003 Mar 17
         i like this... defines me today
A Smile for Spring 2003 Mar 13
         enjoyed a marvelous day and wanted to share...
pretty girl 2003 Mar 13
Fulfill Me 2003 Mar 11
wasted days and wasted nights (by freddy fender) 2003 Mar 11
         a song i have been singing lately
Untitled 2003 Mar 11
Abyss 2003 Mar 11
         been there done that
inspire me 2003 Mar 09
         oh, to dream another dream...
whispers 2003 Mar 07
letting go 2003 Mar 07
         time and distance are rumored to heal all
Untitled (by jo petty) 2003 Mar 06
         aging gracefully
Untitled (by jo petty) 2003 Mar 06
         sobering thoughts

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