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"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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March: in like a lion, out like a lamb. I hope so, anyway.

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Another great month on the Blender...February has Valentine's Day, so there's always something in there to get the heart pumping.

I urge everyone to check out this months' featured artist review... it's the best 7 months of online radio you've heard in a long time, I'm willing to bet.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

To V, 1997 - Kirk
An excerpt from an email written a long time ago. (Probably needed a proofreader...)

O Snowy Night - B.K.
As usual I'm a sucker for references to warmer seasons...

The Perfect Saturday Night: Basic Instructions - chris
...not to mentions slices of life from warmer climes.

~Mermaid in Your Bed ~ - ~Harem~
A Bump to i.j.h's lines you won't find on fishing rods... it's usually pretty cool when one Blender work inspires another.

Everything dies, but you - Star of David

ache - Violet

Missing You - cryingshame58

Guarded - corinna
Sometimes, a good defense is the biggest offense.

Cigarette Butts - chrissy
Not that it's directly part of this work, but is the association of "cool" for sunglasses come from the emotional detachment of hidden eyes? Is "cool" too often descriptive of the level and type of emotion?

Your addiction - ladyinwaiting
I think I'm mostly responding to the desire to start over.

star gazing - aparajita
Nice playing with the old wishing rhyme.

sew then - darwin
"Darn these socks! Darn them to heck!"

Scar tissue - blakey
Sometimes a work like this will make me cry "Oh, the humanity!" (Blakey sometimes has a great way with the pithy phrase-poem but this one is a little over the top...)

When it rains, it fogs! - iLYd
Something appealing about the tweaked weather reference...

my type of morning - i'm just him
I had a lazy kind of morning a bit like the one described here which is why I think it got a nod this month...

Rock Star 101 - Irongirl
My favorite closing sentence this month.

Featured Artist Review
A link to Danny and Annie Perasa, the best 7 minutes of radio you've heard in a long time.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
79 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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