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Welcome to the October Blender of Love!

Later than usual, but a veritable harvest of cool new poems and prose pieces.

Autumn seems to take its toll on people, featuring more than its fair share of the loss of loved ones and other tragedies and pains. Lets huddle for warmth and support.

As always, read and enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords
I cannot seperate her from the beautiful body. She has charm and a very gay spirit; in every way she's attractive. Intelligent and she reads good books. But it's the faultless body that forces me to make a fool of myself, pursuing a virtuous girl I could never possess.
--James Laughlin
front page picks
Messages - corinna
A series of post-fight electronic messages. It's not like they force themselves into that classic SMS 160-character limit, but I'm captivated by the pace of this.

A small place - J. Knipp
More on this modern plight.

Isn't It: A Letter
Gypsy Words and Other Things
Two by Ali, who had a very productive month; good writing and quite a bit of it.

Untitled - B.K.
Hold that tiger.

Our shake is the dance you taught me... - distant moon
A lovely close, and a melancholy tone.

good morning - briana kassia
An ode to the the lazy weekend morning... ("for Scott", lucky guy.)

a little bit broken - Violet
Lyrical and lovely.

A no-bull work, boy howdy.

guni-guni - lilla
a bit of Filipino prose, with translation. (I was going to be pseudoclever and say it's Tagalog, but it may well not be.)

the one he'll never read - darwin

Untitled - Divian / koblo
Very sweet.

Of all the memories :) - Farah / twisted_lie
I almost wish this work had stopped with its first line, it has a certain grace to it.

Regurgitating Memories - Marshall Hann / blessed23
Here I am / I'm Here / In my Mind / And yours / it seems

Bound - Baby Rose
I'm a sucker for anything about fireflies. They're real earth magic.