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Welcome to the September Blender of Love, featuring an all new look! It seemed like the site was overdue for a makeover... along with the new layout and icons are some new features, such as "Remember Me" login, have been added and more are on the way.

We had a tremendous response to Savannah Haze's 2007 End of Summer Challenge (involving using all of a well-chosen set of ten words) and Ms. Haze's picks are highlighted in this month's front page picks.

I hope you like the new look! And as always, take time to appreciate some of the more intriguing submissions from last month.
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords
"If we discovered that we had only five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them."
--Charles Morley
front page picks

2007 End-of-Summer Challenge Winner!
2 am - Violet
Savannah Haze says: I've chosen "2 AM" by Violet as my favorite. Though it may not be the most "artsy," it is the simplicity of the piece that I love. I don't even have (or currently want) children, but this gave me chills and made me want to go crawl back in bed with my husband. I applaud her for sharing this special moment with us.

2007 End-of-Summer Runner-Up!
Paying the Price - Star of David
Savannah Haze: "a beautifully bitter piece"

2007 End-of-Summer Runner-Up!
The Rest of Reason - Ali
Savannah Haze: "She had me at, 'I extract starlight from this silence'"

Fifteen and Jaded - CJ King / hairdiva
There was another theme challenge last month, on the theme "jaded". I don't know how many of these works are direct responses to that, but there seemed to be an undercurrent of that in many of the works.

There we were... - Star of David
Nostalgia isn't always kind.

THE OLDER OMEN - rennielorca
Another work about the ugly sides of teenage romance.

don't watch - briana kassia
A darkly evocative and raw work.

Cerulean blue - calypso
Another case of being pursued by memory.

Beast - distant moon
Greatest closing lines this months. "I'm an open book with only seven pages"

Livin', Lovin' and Learnin' - CryingShame58
A piece on lessons learned.

Cloudy Day - J. Knipp
Almost a touch of Hemingway.

hold on - darwin
A plea of need.

Concealed - Ali
Always love the namedropping...

No Secret - redplasticroses

Sycamore - Craig Werth / iammyself
Very lyrical work.

Roll With Me Baby - B.K.
Another entry for Haze's challenge. I think I'm mostly entertained by lines 3-6.

muse-ery's - aparajita
One of Aparajita's takes on Haze's challenge.

when hungry strikes - lilla
Haze entry, with a challenge of its own at the end.