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We kick of the semi-merry Month of May with a few musings on the cellphone, that wonder gadget that has turned all of our lives into a piece of Star Trek without us even noticing!

Another lovely month here on the Blender; a melancholy tone throughout many of the works. But fear not, we're all here for each other and will be for some time.

So read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"When your phone don't ring, it'll be me."
George Jones
front page picks

Your Call - Angel
You know, I'm grateful in a bittersweet way that my last romance with this tone was in an age before cellphones.

Untitled - karinflor
More of the dangers of cellphones.

undeliverable - Ali
Yet more of the technology of romantic communication.

The Perils of Spring - B.K.
I get all the news I need from the weather report.

Tell me in English - Star of David
The problem of language.

Farewell to Arms - Isabella Svenska
In this day and age I admire a good ABAB rhyme scheme...

Distance - musicalduck
Prose in longing.

Beyond Imagination - CryingShame58
Sometimes imagination has to try a little harder.

thirty-eight candles - Lilla
I think I'd like to see this work doubled...

climax - Lilla
Kind of a haunting or hopeful thought.

Untitled - Farah / twisted_lie
Maybe the cake isn't a lie.

Watercolors - redplasticroses
Technical details of things always work in a piece.

Untitled - john67ragtop
Nostalgic for someone else's past.

Am I asking to much? - unsaid
Hope springs.

the one with the cats - darwin
Oy, premature fear of being That Crazy Cat Lady.