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So your faithful Blender Keeper's trip to Japan went well. Here I am in Tokyo, the subject the cheesiest (and possibly least Japanese) photo possible.

The Blender carried on without me, and this month we're graced with another batch of great works... so read, enjoy, and appreciate the Return of Spring!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords
"In expressing love we belong among the undeveloped countries."
--Attributed to Saul Bellow
front page picks

Wolves - Abogada / AbogadaLBNY
Meditation on making an end to a romance.

White Space - redplasticroses
On love not always being sufficient to fill the gaps...

Hello Wall - Angel
Reminds me a bit of this piece I was sent years ago.

constant gone - Ali
Emotionally raw and torn work.

First Rite of Spring - B.K.
Musical tribute!

Mountain Snow, Valley Rain - chris
Early desert spring.

ocean's rhapsody - bp
Nicely set scene with a build...

AWAKENING - RennieLorca
Beautiful work of mature romance.

The 'Letting - coujeaux
Oh, coujeaux and those winding vine lines!

Love Shades - Lilla
More on the importance of the inanimate...

ebb and flow - aparajita
Another ocean ode...

skin deep - darwin
...that sounds like quite a look.

The one I never sent - Dark Ocean
"You are nothing more than a glorified casing for a heart shaped stone"... wow.

Untitled - karinflor
An ending message of hope.