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A New Year and a New Blender of Love Digest! I went to my first monster truck event, hence this month's exciting heart doodle...

Another solid month here on the Blender, with a lot of Holiday theme. Some great works grace our frontpage as well as Heart on Sleeve corner, so dig in and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"Love is its own redemption."
--Edmundo Daudi
front page picks

I Trust the Thing I Am
by Edmundo Daudi. A nice piece on a sense of self, and this month's top-of-the-page quote.

A Note from Venus - Camelia Lissenhold
Inspired by Edmundo D's Mars and Venus - nice.

chapped lips - stephen
Cherry chapstick.

I Saw... - Randy1
Red, hot.

In progress - CryingShame58
This work gets a great little rhythm going.

demolition - beautifulstranger
Heart SMASH!

A million white horses and a hundred frogs - ladyinwaiting
Slight squick factor here, but good.

Momentary Insanity - i'm just him

Unfinished Something
Love and Dirt Two Excellent works by Jane Rain

Dig - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
How we do and don't measure up.

Love is a Living Thing - beginagain
Evocative in a lab-coat kind of way.

Poison Butterflies - RebeccaBeth_88
Nice metaphor.

The Lexicon of Love - ~Harem~
Words, words, words.