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Moon, Spoon... June! It's that time of year on the Blender and everywhere (North of the equator, anyway) where the days get long and the nights get romancey!

Your faithful Blender-Keeper has upgraded to officially shackin'up with his sweet one and only Amber, so life is great on that front -- hope things are falling sweetly for all of you as well.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"Believe me, friendship lasts much longer than love." "Yeah, but it ain't as much fun."
--Sadie and Sgt. O'Hara, Miss Sadie Thompson
front page picks

the tank top - Kirk
A bit of prose that made its way through two dreams and onto the screen.

A Planterís Wife - Star of David
Sweet little work.

Mojito #2 - Laurel Ahlfeld
Nice work, though the title makes one wonder about #3 or 4...

the triangle of loves - Unknown
A diagram of the types of love.

Disenchanted - Briana Kassia
Very good use of sense imagery.

A Kissing Poem - B.K.
Sigh, halfway through June but it's still not a bad time for a tribute to the Flowers of May.

Our Ways - CryingShame58
Short-spoken work.

please good night - Edmundo Daudi
As an editor I'm always a sucker for such name dropping...

God bless you
forgetting a fragile heart
Two cute works by i'm just him- I'm also a sucker for punchlines.

Pokerface - RebeccaBeth_88
The games we can play.

Big Orange Trucks - Camelia Lissenhold
Terrific slice of life.

Another bottle of wine - wolfscreamer
Works about the Blender itself are often welcome (so long as people don't start overdoing it)